SummitAI Asset Management vs. BMC Asset Management

Brenda Gratas July 12, 2022
- 19 min read

Navigating the IT Asset Management (ITAM) space requires careful consideration, especially when pitting two prominent contenders against each other: SummitAI Asset Management vs. BMC Asset Management. Your choice of ITAM solution can significantly impact your organization's efficiency and overall success.

In this blog post, we’ll embark on an in-depth exploration of both platforms. The idea is to provide you with a comprehensive ITAM software comparison by delving into their features, benefits, and limitations.

However, the scope of possibilities doesn't end there. We'll also introduce you to a rising star in the ITAM landscape – InvGate Insight. With its unique functionalities and capabilities, this platform is a compelling third alternative that could perfectly match your IT Asset Management needs.

Ready to uncover the insights that will guide your IT Asset Management decision? Keep reading to find the perfect fit that sets you on the path to optimized ITAM success. 

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  • Users appreciate SummitAI Asset Management for its interface, comprehensive reporting options, and cost efficiency. However, some users find customization limitations, challenges with system usability across devices, and concerns regarding Agent syncing.
  • BMC Asset Management stands out for its comprehensive Service Management capabilities and streamlined processes through automation. Nonetheless, areas for improvement include enhancing chatbot functionality, ensuring consistent third-party support and communication.
  • In contrast, InvGate Insight streamlines IT Asset Management through comprehensive data integration and automation and its CMDB Map Builder enhances operational visibility and risk management, among other key features.

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Most looked-at features by buyers

While evaluating IT Asset Management solutions, potential buyers consider several vital capabilities to find the most suitable option that aligns with their specific requirements and business needs. 

Here are some key factors buyers consider when choosing a customized ITAM solution for their company.

  1. Unified IT Asset and Inventory Management - Users can effectively monitor and oversee their IT asset inventory through a single interface. The solution should automate the process of discovering assets and capturing essential details like hardware specifications, software versions, and ownership information.

  2. CMDB map builder - Users can define and document connections between various elements, such as hardware devices, software applications, network links, and interdependencies. Visualizing these connections helps organizations comprehend the consequences of changes, evaluate potential risks, and plan for efficient Incident and Change Management

  3. Integration with service desk - Connecting with help desk software ensures a seamless exchange of information between Asset Management and IT Service Management (ITSM) procedures. This integration improves communication, simplifies workflows, and enhances overall service delivery.

  4. Automated management and proactive alerts - The solution should support automated workflows for routine tasks such as software updates, patch deployments, and system maintenance. This guarantees smooth operations and swift responses to critical events through automation and timely proactive alerts.

  5. Remote management with built-in tools - Integration with popular remote desktop tools empowers IT teams to diagnose problems, apply patches, execute software installations, and perform system updates remotely, eliminating the need for physical presence.

  6. Improved cybersecurity compliance - Buyers seek a tool that oversees assets and their security status to identify and preemptively address security vulnerabilities.

  7. Proactive cost management and financial optimization - The solution should incorporate financial data, contract lifecycle management, licenses, and other relevant information to understand operational expenses comprehensively.

  8. Versatile deployment options - Users prefer a platform that offers flexibility in selecting deployment models, including cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid solutions.

  9. Optimization of Software Management - This functionality allows users to monitor software installations, ensure proper Software License Management, and identify instances of over or underutilization.

  10. In-depth insights into infrastructure - The platform should provide complete visibility into IT asset status, performance, and usage, empowering users to make well-informed decisions and optimize their infrastructure. It should also feature robust reporting and analytics capabilities.

What is SummitAI Asset Management?

SummitAI IT Asset Management employs artificial intelligence to effectively oversee assets, ensuring their optimal utilization and adherence to regulations. This AI-powered solution seamlessly integrates with IT Service Management, aligning smoothly with established industry standards such as ITIL and IMAC. Its main features include:

The software company behind SummitAI IT Asset Management is SymphonyAI Summit, which specializes in AI-driven solutions for IT management. Their product range covers both IT Service Management and IT Asset Management platforms. Established in 2015 and headquartered in Pune, India, SymphonyAI Summit serves a diverse global client base, boasting over 100 satisfied organizations as customers.

What users like from SummitAI Asset Management

SummitAI Asset Management has gained widespread recognition and favorable feedback from reputable sources like Gartner. Users have highlighted several advantages, as follows.

  • User interface - The platform provides a clear and efficient dashboard, offering easy access to crucial information and precise presentation of critical data. The user-friendly layout and intuitive interface simplify navigation for both newcomers and experienced users.
  • Enhanced user experience - SummitAI ensures a positive user experience through its intuitive interface, facilitating seamless interactions and swift task execution. The inclusion of the CINDE chatbot enhances user support by providing prompt answers to common inquiries.
  • Operational benefits - Users experience improved productivity and collaboration among teams. The tool's enhanced operational speed translates to time savings. Visual inspection capabilities assist users in better-comprehending asset status and condition, while remote asset monitoring offers convenience and flexibility.
  • Additional features - Users appreciate the various reporting options, allowing customized reports tailored to their requirements. The all-in-one platform caters to diverse needs, including Service Management and IT Asset Management, streamlining operations.
  • Software inventory, normalization, and compliance reports - Users highly appreciate these functions for their effectiveness and value.
  • Application control and asset integration - The combination of the application control feature and seamless asset integration significantly streamlines users' workflows.
  • Software usage tracking and non-compliance awareness - The software metering feature empowers users to monitor software usage, optimizing software licenses and reducing costs. The non-compliance awareness functionality aids organizations in adhering to software licensing agreements and mitigating potential legal and financial risks.
  • Predictive maintenance - This feature enables proactive planning and minimizes asset downtime.
  • Discovery tool - SummitAI's discovery tool captures comprehensive details about hardware and software assets.
  • Cost efficiency - SummitAI provides extensive features at a competitive cost, making it a cost-effective alternative compared to other solutions.

What users don’t like from SummitAI Asset Management

Despite the numerous strengths and positive qualities of SummitAI Asset Management, it is not without its share of customer concerns and critiques. 

Here are several common issues users raise in reviews from reputable sources like Gartner.

  • Customization and compatibility - Users desire improved support for customization to tailor the tool to their specific requirements. The restricted compatibility of the discovery tool with Microsoft OS might hinder its effectiveness in diverse environments. Certain customizations necessitate intervention from the support team, potentially leading to delays.
  • Reporting and security - Users express a wish for faster reporting capabilities to facilitate quicker decision-making. Some individuals have voiced concerns about security-related issues with the existing data.
  • Usability and accessibility - Some users find certain functions requiring multiple clicks cumbersome. The inability to use the tool simultaneously on multiple devices presents limitations. Accessing and performing maintenance tasks within the platform can prove to be challenging. Users have reported problems with agent syncing, which impacts the accuracy and reliability of data. Additionally, there are reservations about enhancing the user interface and experience, with some users expressing dissatisfaction with the login process.
  • Pricing - Users compare the pricing of SummitAI with other tools and have raised questions about the overall pricing considerations, despite acknowledging the favorable features provided for the cost.
  • Specific features - Users have reported challenges in displaying the count of resolved tickets per analyst, which impacts reporting and analytics.

What’s SummitAI Asset Management’s argument over BMC Asset Management?

When comparing SummitAI Asset Management to BMC Asset Management, SummitAI presents a compelling case through its strengths and user feedback. 

Here's a closer look at how SummitAI Asset Management stands out.

  1. User-friendly interface and experience - SummitAI Asset Management has a clear and efficient dashboard that provides easy access to critical information. The user-friendly layout and intuitive interface simplify navigation for both newcomers and experienced users, enhancing the overall user experience.

  2. Enhanced productivity - SummitAI Asset Management users report improved productivity and collaboration among teams. The software's operational speed results in time savings, contributing to more efficient workflows and operations.

  3. Software management efficiency - The software inventory, normalization, and compliance reports are particularly appreciated by users for their effectiveness and value. Additionally, SummitAI's software metering feature empowers users to optimize software licenses, reducing costs through effective usage tracking.

  4. Seamless integration and control - The application control feature, coupled with seamless asset integration, significantly streamlines users' workflows. This cohesive integration contributes to efficient ITAM processes.

  5. Proactive maintenance and security - SummitAI Asset Management's predictive maintenance feature aids in proactive planning and minimizing asset downtime. The software also addresses security concerns through non-compliance awareness functionality, ensuring adherence to software licensing agreements and mitigating potential risks.

  6. Comprehensive discovery - SummitAI's discovery tool captures comprehensive details about hardware and software assets, enhancing visibility and asset management. 

  7. Cost efficiency - SummitAI provides extensive features at a competitive cost, offering cost-effective solutions compared to other alternatives.

What is BMC Asset Management?

Example of BMC Discovery's interface.

BMC Helix ITSM Asset Management capabilities aim to effectively minimize the Total Cost of Ownership associated with Configuration Items (CIs) while concurrently maximizing the return on investment. 

BMC Helix ITSM Asset Management seamlessly integrates with BMC Helix ITSM Change Management and BMC Service Level Management, establishing a cohesive framework for comprehensive Asset Management. 

What users like from BMC Asset Management

When it comes to BMC Asset Management, user feedback is resoundingly positive in several key areas. Let's look at what users really appreciate about this solution.

  • Comprehensive Service Management - BMC Asset Management garners praise for boosting service quality as a robust ITSM and HR system. Its comprehensive approach covers ITIL activities, including efficient Incident and Change Management, while its exceptional ticketing tool and dedicated Change Management database set it apart.
  • Streamlined processes through automation - Users appreciate the ability to independently submit requests, reducing reliance on IT staff and conserving resources. The software's role in informed decision-making, effective resource allocation, and contract management is also recognized.
  • Mobile access - The availability of mobile access empowers users to manage tasks on the go, further contributing to a positive and flexible user experience.
  • Smooth implementation - Implementing BMC Asset Management is often described as a swift and seamless process, contributing to rapid integration into users' operations. 
  • Training experience - Training is highlighted as crucial, particularly near the go-live stage, ensuring that users can fully harness the system's potential. 
  • Enhanced user experience - The software's intuitive interface shines in the domains of Incident, Change, and Problem Management, making day-to-day operations straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Enhanced visibility - The solution's exceptional ability to provide in-depth visibility into existing inventory is greatly appreciated. The provision of clear impact report analysis and effective tracking of configuration changes and services further enhances its value.
  • Simplified management - Users commend its simplified management capabilities, helping them efficiently oversee various aspects of their assets. 
  • Offering value for investment - Users find that BMC Asset Management offers substantial value for money, accompanied by a well-designed dashboard that aids in efficient monitoring. The software's proficiency in managing support contracts and ensuring timely renewals and usage optimization also stands out.

What users don’t like from BMC Asset Management

While BMC Asset Management offers valuable features, there are areas where improvements could enhance the user experience.

  • Chatbot and tools - Users suggest that the chatbot functionality could be enhanced to be more robust and functional, improving its overall utility.
  • Support and communication - Third-party support is needed to provide additional avenues for enhancements. Users also note instances of communication breakdowns, requiring consistent and effective communication channels.
  • Service support - User experiences with service support have been mixed, varying between expert advice and inconclusive responses. A consistent and knowledgeable support approach is desired.
  • User interface - Some users find the user interface to be less than ideal. Enhancements in this area could lead to a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  • Reporting - Suggestions for improved reporting are voiced, aiming to provide better insights that enhance decision-making and overall Asset Management strategies.

What’s BMC Asset Management’s argument over SummitAI Asset Management?

When comparing BMC Asset Management to SummitAI Asset Management, BMC presents its strengths and user feedback as a compelling case. 

Here's an in-depth exploration of BMC Asset Management's key advantages.

  1. Comprehensive Service Management - BMC Asset Management is hailed for its role in elevating service quality, functioning as both a robust IT Service Management and Human Resources system. 

  2. Efficient automation - Users value BMC Asset Management's ability to streamline processes through automation. The software empowers users to independently submit requests, reducing reliance on IT staff and conserving valuable resources. It excels in informed decision-making, effective resource allocation, and contract management.

  3. Mobile access and flexibility - The software's mobile access feature empowers users to manage tasks while on the go, adding a layer of flexibility to their experience and contributing to a positive user journey.

  4. Swift implementation and training - Implementing BMC Asset Management is characterized as a swift and seamless process, ensuring rapid integration into users' operations. Additionally, the significance of well-timed training, particularly during the go-live stage, is emphasized to maximize the system's potential.

  5. User-centric interface - Users commend BMC Asset Management's intuitive interface, particularly in the domains of Incident, Change, and Problem Management. Its user-friendly design simplifies day-to-day operations, enhancing user experience.

  6. Enhanced visibility and management - The software's exceptional visibility into existing inventory is highly appreciated, accompanied by clear impact report analysis and effective tracking of configuration changes and services. 

  7. Value for investment - Users recognize BMC Asset Management as offering substantial value for money. The well-designed dashboard aids in efficient monitoring, and its adeptness in managing support contracts and ensuring timely renewals stands out.

Considering InvGate Insight as an ITAM solution alternative



Organizations looking for IT Asset Management alternatives tailored to their needs and requirements should consider InvGate Insight

As a robust ITAM solution, InvGate Insight offers a range of features and functionalities that position it as a viable choice for streamlining Asset Management processes. Let's delve into its key attributes.

Streamlined operations with CMDB map builder


InvGate Insight's CMDB map builder tool provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the IT ecosystem. Visualizing relationships between components can identify potential impacts on operational continuity, leading to proactive risk mitigation. This visibility reduces service times, improves operational efficiency, and ensures smoother IT operations.

Enhanced IT Asset and Inventory Management




InvGate Insight facilitates seamless integration by consolidating data from various sources, including popular operating systems, cloud service providers (AWS, Google, Azure), and MDMs (JAMF, Google Endpoint Manager). This comprehensive integration ensures efficient management of both IT and non-IT assets, locations, and personnel, saving time and offering a holistic view of the infrastructure.

Automated management and proactive alerts


InvGate Insight facilitates process automation and the establishment of alerts, promoting proactive IT Management. Automated alerts allow organizations to monitor contract expirations and promptly notify relevant stakeholders, reducing manual effort and the risk of oversight. This automation optimizes operations, enabling a focus on critical tasks and enhancing overall efficiency.

Improved cybersecurity compliance through asset monitoring


InvGate Insight's asset monitoring capabilities establish and enforce device health rules, enabling proactive cybersecurity compliance. Swift identification of non-compliance instances allows immediate action to ensure adherence to cybersecurity policies and safeguard the IT infrastructure.

Proactive operational cost management


InvGate Insight allows direct integration of financial data, contracts, licenses, and other critical information into the system. This approach gives organizations a complete understanding of operational costs, facilitating proactive and informed financial decisions. This optimization of budget allocation maximizes the value obtained from IT investments.

Holistic IT operations view through native service desk integration



InvGate Insight seamlessly integrates with InvGate Service Desk, offering a native connection that ties tickets to devices and personnel. This integration provides a comprehensive view of IT operations, streamlining management. Linking service tickets to relevant assets and personnel enhances workflows, communication, and issue resolution.

Effortless remote management with native integration



InvGate Insight natively integrates with popular remote desktop tools such as Windows Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and VNC. This integration enhances remote management capabilities, providing direct access to devices for troubleshooting and maintenance. Seamless remote access empowers organizations to effectively address IT issues, perform maintenance tasks, and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Flexible deployment options to suit needs

Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization's requirements and industry regulations, InvGate Insight provides flexible deployment choices. This allows organizations to opt for a cloud or on-premise solution, ensuring alignment with specific needs and compliance standards.

Software efficiency optimization and cost reduction




InvGate Insight empowers organizations to identify and measure the usage of paid software, facilitating efficient Software Management. By gaining visibility into software utilization, underutilized licenses can be reallocated, unnecessary costs reduced, and returns on IT investments maximized. This optimization of software efficiency helps organizations make the most of their software resources.

Comprehensive insights into IT infrastructure


With its robust features, InvGate Insight offers detailed and actionable insights into IT assets, encompassing their status and usage. This comprehensive insight enables effective management and optimization of the infrastructure, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

Next steps

As the comparison between SummitAI Asset Management vs. BMC Asset Management unfolds, both solutions bring commendable strengths to the table. 

In the landscape of IT Asset Management, the choice between these two contenders is indeed pivotal. Yet, as organizations seek the ideal solution, widening the horizon and considering other alternatives is essential. 

InvGate Insight emerges as a compelling option, offering a unique blend of functionalities. From efficient management to enhanced cybersecurity compliance and proactive cost management, this platform promises a holistic approach to asset optimization.

Request our 30-day trial to witness the power of streamlined and optimized IT Asset Management firsthand. The right choice will transform how you manage your assets and drive your organization toward greater efficiency and success.

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