SummitAI Asset Management Alternative: UX, Integration, and More

Brenda Gratas January 24, 2023
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Are you seeking a compelling SummitAI Asset Management alternative platform, one that excels in user experience, integration capabilities, and performance? Look no further! InvGate Insight is the IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution that surpasses expectations in all areas.

As organizations strive to enhance their processes and streamline IT operations, making an ITAM software comparison becomes crucial. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at InvGate Insight and compare it to SummitAI Asset Management. 

Keep reading to unlock the full potential of InvGate Insight, the ideal alternative for your ITAM needs!


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  • SummitAI Asset Management excels in its user-friendly interface, extensive reporting options, and cost-effectiveness. However, users have reported customization limitations, difficulties with multi-device usability, and concerns with agent syncing.

  • InvGate Insight revolutionizes IT asset and inventory management by seamlessly integrating data, incorporating a powerful CMDB Map Builder, and offering advanced automation capabilities. These cutting-edge features work together to optimize operational efficiency and drive productivity within organizations.


What is SummitAI Asset Management?

SummitAI IT Asset Management provides a control mechanism over assets using artificial intelligence to manage asset utilization and ensure compliance.

The IT Asset Management solution integrates seamlessly with IT Service Management, synchronizing with industry practices like ITIL and IMAC. Its key features include:

SymphonyAI Summit is a software company that specializes in AI-powered IT management solutions. It offers products for both IT Service Management and IT Asset Management solutions. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Pune, India, SymphonyAI Summit has a global customer base of over 100 organizations.


InvGate Insight as a SummitAI Asset Management alternative




InvGate Insight, a product developed by InvGate, is a comprehensive IT Asset Management solution that grants organizations complete control and visibility over their IT assets. This versatile tool provides two deployment options: cloud-based and on-premises, allowing organizations to manage their IT assets efficiently, regardless of their physical, virtual, or cloud-based nature and connection to the network.

InvGate Insight encompasses various features and functionalities tailored to various aspects of ITAM. These include IT asset discovery, Inventory Management, and Software License Management. Noteworthy capabilities include:

User experience


InvGate Insight takes the lead in providing a superior user experience. Its intuitive interface and easy customization options make it exceptionally user-friendly, allowing users to seamlessly adapt the platform to their specific preferences. InvGate Insight's graphical interface can be tailored to align with the organization's branding, resulting in a consistent and visually appealing user experience. 

On the other hand, SummitAI has faced certain user experience challenges, particularly concerning its UI/UX design. These issues have impacted user satisfaction and usability, creating a potential barrier for organizations seeking a more intuitive and engaging IT Asset Management platform.

Integration capabilities


InvGate Insight stands out with its strong integration capabilities. It seamlessly connects with its native service desk, and efficiently implements feature requests, empowering organizations to optimize workflows and streamline operations effectively. Moreover, the platform's compatibility with different operating systems ensures smooth integration with existing infrastructures. 

In contrast, SummitAI's integration capabilities are hindered by a limitation on OS compatibility, restricting it to Microsoft environments only. This limitation may present challenges for organizations with diverse operating systems in their IT landscape, as it could lead to integration complexities and potential inefficiencies. Additionally, SummitAI cannot be used on multiple devices simultaneously, which can be a drawback for organizations requiring flexible access and multi-user collaboration. 

Asset Management and tracking


InvGate Insight excels in Asset Management and tracking. By pulling comprehensive software and hardware information, the platform equips IT teams with valuable insights into their assets, promoting data-driven decision-making. Furthermore, its seamless integration with InvGate Service Desk facilitates bulk asset loading, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

While SummitAI also offers efficient Asset Management capabilities, it has faced difficulties presenting assets effectively, leading to potential inefficiencies in ITAM. 


InvGate Insight has earned positive feedback for its fast and reliable brand support, ensuring users receive timely assistance and resolutions to their queries. 

Conversely, SummitAI users have expressed delays in response times, causing frustration and impacting overall user satisfaction. 

Choose InvGate Insight and create your IT asset inventory in 24 hours

In conclusion

In the search for the perfect SummitAI Asset Management alternative, key factors such as user experience, integration capabilities, and reliable support become paramount. 

InvGate Insight emerges as a true standout in these crucial areas, offering businesses a comprehensive and efficient IT Asset Management solution. Don't wait any longer! Explore our live demo or schedule a meeting with our experts for any questions or additional guidance in your decision-making process. Embrace the future of efficient IT Asset Management with InvGate Insight.


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