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How to Achieve Enterprise Service Management Success? Industry Leaders Weigh In

Enterprise service management - whether in its pure form or supporting digital transformation strategies - is still one of the hottest IT service management (ITSM) or service management trends. Two-thirds of organizations have started to adopt ...

Service Desk KPI: Defining IT Agent Performance

  A key performance indicator, or KPI, is a metric (of your designation) that will help you determine whether your help desk is working correctly or if it could use a tune-up. KPIs are important ...

Coppel Wins Best Service Desk Improvement Project at the 2021 IT Service & Support Awards

Coppel, one of the leading department stores in Mexico, has been awarded Best Service Desk Improvement Project at the 2021 IT Service & Support Awards LATAM.

Service Desk Performance Benchmarks and Their Ultimate Value

So you’ve got your service desk up and running. But how do you know that it’s running the way it’s supposed to be? Service desk performance is measured across many domains, so it’s not always ...

CMDB Definition: A No-Nonsense Guide

A CMDB is part of any proper IT Asset Management tool. But why is it so important? Simply put, it’s because as the size of your network increases, making sure that you keep track of every element ...

ITSM Automation: Let Humans Be Humans

As ITSM thought leader and consultant Doug Tedder has said, “Automate the obvious.” So what’s obvious? We shouldn’t have to think very long…

Help Desk Manager Job Description

The Help Desk Manager position at any IT organization is absolutely essential to their longevity and success. They are, above all, team workers, insightful advisors, and solid organizers who are able ...

4 Important Things to Consider When Creating an ITSM SLA

Service level agreements (SLAs), if used correctly, can be one of the most important tools in a service-oriented organization. Done well, they communicate what’s expected of all parties and can go a ...

5 Examples of How Gamification Can Improve Your Results

Gamification has become a go-to tool to improve participation and engagement in many contexts. Education is a big one: apps like Duolingo use game elements such as badges, streaks, and leaderboards ...

8 Help Desk Manager Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer

Whether it’s managing workgroups in an efficient way or spotting and solving issues that might arise when dealing with large groups of team members and customers; Help Desk Managers are, above all, ...

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