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An Introduction to Patch Management

Patch management is the process of acquiring and applying updates to software. This is an essential part of IT Asset Management. A patch manager controls the deployment of updates to operating systems and other applications on the network.

How to Become an IT Consultant

So you want to become an IT consultant? Or maybe you haven’t decided yet, but you’re kicking the tires on what consulting on information technology (IT) might look like as a full-time career?

Understanding Artificial Intelligence: The Basics of AI

You’ve heard about artificial intelligence everywhere. It’s been represented and discussed in popular media like films and television, as well as in extensive and potentially fearmongering ...

COBIT Framework: A Different Take on Service Management

COBIT is one of the most widely used frameworks for IT governance. Among ITSM frameworks, COBIT is best known for aligning IT strategy with the overall business goals of the organization. Initially ...

Is ITIL for Everyone? Pros and Cons of ITIL

ITIL is probably the most used framework in the IT world right now. But it's easy to start taking it as undisputed truth, and something we don’t always ask ourselves is whether the ITIL framework ...

The 5 Phases of Project Management

  In IT, project management refers specifically to the planning, scheduling, execution, monitoring, and reporting of IT projects, which is a type of project that deals with IT infrastructure, ...

Digital Workplace Technology Landscape 2022

While organizations have offered remote work options even before the COVID-19, the role of the pandemic in accelerating the shift to a completely remote or at least a hybrid model of work cannot be ...

How to Locate a Device Using a MAC Address

Every device on a network has a unique address called IP address, which helps identify the device and enables other devices to communicate with it. 

What is Shadow IT and Why Should It Be Avoided?

Shadow IT. Just the name itself sounds spooky, like a ghost is haunting your IT infrastructure. And while shadow IT definitely poses a risk to your organization, it's something that can be avoided ...

Megan Engels' 4 Top Service Desk Managers Soft Skills

  Working for the service desk, it's not all about the hard knowledge. Agents can expect to be employing some soft skills when communicating with end-users and the rest of the organization.

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