SummitAI Asset Management vs. ServiceNow Software Asset Management

Brenda Gratas November 22, 2022
- 17 min read

As you explore your IT Asset Management (ITAM) options, the showdown between SummitAI Asset Management vs. ServiceNow Software Asset Management becomes crucial. Selecting the perfect ITAM solution can make a remarkable difference in your organization's efficiency and overall success. 

In this blog post, we'll dive into a comprehensive ITAM software comparison of these two prominent tools, analyzing their features, benefits, and limitations. 

But that's not all – we'll also introduce a third alternative, InvGate Insight, a rising star in the ITAM landscape, renowned for its unique functionalities and capabilities. 


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  • SummitAI Asset Management stands out for its intuitive user interface, comprehensive reporting options, and cost-effectiveness. However, users have noted limitations in customization, challenges with multi-device usability, and concerns related to agent syncing.
  • ServiceNow Asset Management is praised for its risk management features, user-friendly interface, and workflow automation. However, users have highlighted limitations in managing licensing scenarios and associated costs for different business sizes.
  • InvGate Insight enhances IT asset and inventory management with seamless data integration, CMDB Map Builder, and automation capabilities, improving operational efficiency.


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Most looked-at features by buyers

When evaluating IT Asset Management solutions, buyers consider several crucial capabilities to find the best fit for their unique needs and business requirements. 

Here are some essential factors that buyers take into consideration when selecting a tailored ITAM solution for their organization:

  1. Unified IT Asset and Inventory Management - Users can efficiently track and manage their entire IT asset inventory from a single platform. The solution should automate asset discovery and capture vital information like hardware specifications, software versions, and ownership details.

  2. CMDB map builder - Users can define and document relationships between different components, such as hardware devices, software applications, network connections, and dependencies. Visualizing these relationships helps organizations understand the impact of changes, assess risks, and plan for effective Incident and Change Management

  3. Service desk integration - Integration with help desk software facilitates smooth information flow between Asset Management and IT Service Management processes, enhancing communication, streamlining workflows, and improving overall service delivery.

  4. Automated management and proactive alerts - The solution should support automated workflows for routine tasks such as software updates, patch deployments, and system maintenance. This ensures efficient operations and timely responses to critical events through automation and proactive alerts.

  5. Remote management with integrated tools - Integration with popular remote desktop tools allows IT teams to diagnose issues, apply patches, perform software installations, or conduct system updates remotely without requiring physical presence.

  6. Enhanced cybersecurity compliance - Buyers seek a tool that monitors assets and their security posture to detect and proactively mitigate security risks.

  7. Proactive cost management and financial optimization - The solution should incorporate financial data, contract lifecycle management, licenses, and other relevant information to gain comprehensive insights into operational costs.

  8. Flexible deployment options - Users prefer a platform that offers flexibility in choosing deployment models, including cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid solutions.

  9. Software management optimization - This feature enables users to monitor software installations, ensure proper Software License Management, and identify instances of over or underutilization.

  10. Comprehensive infrastructure insights - The platform should provide complete visibility into IT asset status, performance, and usage, empowering users to make informed decisions and optimize their infrastructure. It should also offer robust reporting and analytics features.


What is SummitAI Asset Management?


SummitAI IT Asset Management leverages artificial intelligence to efficiently manage assets, ensuring they are utilized optimally and remain compliant. This AI-driven solution integrates with IT Service Management, aligning seamlessly with industry standards like ITIL and IMAC. Its key functionalities include:

SymphonyAI Summit, the software company responsible for SummitAI IT Asset Management, specializes in AI-driven IT Management solutions. Their product offerings encompass both IT Service Management and IT Asset Management platforms. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Pune, India, SymphonyAI Summit serves a diverse global clientele, with over 100 organizations as satisfied customers.

What users like from SummitAI Asset Management

SummitAI Asset Management has garnered widespread acclaim and positive customer feedback, as evidenced by reputable sources like Gartner. Users have emphasized several advantages, which include:

  • User experience - SummitAI ensures a positive user experience with its easy-to-use interface, facilitating seamless interactions and swift task execution. Including the CINDE chatbot enhances user support, providing quick responses to common queries.
  • Software metering and non-compliance awareness - The software metering functionality enables users to track software usage, which optimizes software licenses and saves costs. The non-compliance awareness feature helps organizations adhere to software licensing agreements and avoid potential legal and financial risks.
  • Software inventory, normalization, and compliance reports - Users highly appreciate these functionalities for their effectiveness and value.
  • Operational benefits - Users experience enhanced productivity and collaboration across teams. The tool's improved speed in operations saves valuable time. The visual inspection capabilities help users better understand asset status and condition, while remote asset monitoring provides convenience and flexibility.
  • Application control and asset integration - The application control feature, combined with seamless asset integration, proves highly effective in streamlining users' workflows.
  • Discovery tool - SummitAI's discovery tool captures detailed information about hardware and software assets.
  • Predictive maintenance - This feature enables proactive planning and minimizes asset downtime.
  • User interface - The platform offers a clear and efficient dashboard, providing easy access to essential information and precise presentation of critical data. The user-friendly layout and intuitive interface simplify navigation for both new and experienced users.
  • Cost efficiency - SummitAI offers comprehensive features at a competitive cost, making it a cost-effective choice compared to other solutions.
  • Additional features - Users value the multiple reporting options, enabling customized reports tailored to their needs. The all-in-one platform covers various requirements, including Service Management and IT Asset Management, streamlining operations.

What users don’t like from SummitAI Asset Management

Although SummitAI Asset Management has many strengths and positive attributes, it is not without customer concerns and criticisms. Here are some common complaints expressed by users in reviews from reputable sources like Gartner:

  • Usability and accessibility - Some users find the requirement for multiple clicks for certain functions cumbersome. The inability to use the tool on multiple devices simultaneously is limiting. Accessing and performing maintenance tasks on the platform can be challenging. Users have reported issues with agent syncing, impacting data accuracy and reliability. Moreover, there are concerns about enhancing the UI/UX, and some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the login method.
  • Customization and compatibility - Users desire better support for customization to align the tool with their specific needs. The limitation of the discovery tool's compatibility with Microsoft OS may hinder its usability in diverse environments. Some customizations require support team intervention, leading to potential delays.
  • Reporting and security - Users desire quicker reporting capabilities for faster decision-making. Some have expressed concerns about security-related issues with existing data. 
  • Specific features - Challenges have been reported in displaying resolved ticket counts per analyst, affecting reporting and analytics.
  • Pricing - Users compare SummitAI's pricing with other tools and have raised concerns about overall price considerations despite acknowledging good features for the price.

What’s SummitAI Asset Management’s argument over ServiceNow Software Asset Management?

SummitAI Asset Management has several advantages that differentiate it from ServiceNow Software Asset Management, making it a compelling choice for organizations seeking an efficient IT Asset Management solution.

  1. User experience and interface - SummitAI prides itself on providing a positive user experience with an easy-to-use interface. Its intuitive design and user-friendly layout simplify user navigation, ensuring seamless interactions and swift task execution. 

  2. Software metering - SummitAI offers robust software metering functionality, enabling users to track software usage effectively. This optimization helps organizations optimize software licenses, leading to substantial cost savings. 

  3. Non-compliance awareness - This feature helps organizations adhere to software licensing agreements and avoid potential legal and financial risks.

  4. Operational benefits - Users of SummitAI Asset Management experience enhanced productivity and collaboration across teams. The tool's improved speed in operations saves valuable time, while the visual inspection capabilities provide better insights into asset status and condition. Additionally, remote asset monitoring offers convenience and flexibility.

  5. Cost efficiency - SummitAI offers comprehensive features at a competitive cost, positioning itself as a cost-effective choice compared to other solutions.

  6. Additional features - Users value SummitAI's multiple reporting options, enabling them to generate customized reports tailored to their specific needs. The all-in-one platform covers various requirements, including Service Management and IT Asset Management, streamlining operations.


What is ServiceNow Software Asset Management?

Example of ServiceNow's interface.

ServiceNow's Software Asset Management capabilities empower organizations with the tools to manage risk, reduce expenses, and automate the software lifecycle, all within a unified platform. By simplifying Asset Management, offering scalable features, and prioritizing security and compliance, ServiceNow enables businesses to optimize their software assets, cut costs, and efficiently manage their software.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, ServiceNow offers an extensive array of cloud-based solutions tailored to meet diverse enterprise requirements. Their solutions encompass IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management, Customer Service Management, Human Resources Service Delivery, Security Operations, and more.

What users like from ServiceNow Software Asset Management

ServiceNow Software Asset Management has earned widespread acclaim and garnered positive customer feedback, as evidenced by reputable sources like Gartner. Users have highlighted numerous advantages, which include:

  • Workflow automation - Users appreciate the tool's ability to automate tasks and streamline employee provisioning, making IT processes more efficient.
  • Asset discovery and Inventory Management - ServiceNow SAM simplifies asset discovery and Inventory Management, improving overall asset tracking and compliance.
  • User-friendly interface - The platform's UI is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing easy navigation and quick learning.
  • Risk mitigation - Users find the risk mitigation elements of the offering highly beneficial, providing valuable insights for legal and compliance purposes.

What users don’t like from ServiceNow Software Asset Management

While ServiceNow SAM has many strengths and positive attributes, it is not without its share of customer concerns and criticisms. Here are some common complaints expressed by users in reviews from trusted sources such as Gartner:

  • Complexity - Some users find ServiceNow SAM complex and require time to understand and operate it fully.
  • Limited functionality - Certain users mention that the tool lacks some functionalities and may not be suitable for complex licensing software.
  • Documentation - Users wish for better documentation, especially for end-user experience and understanding of software normalization processes.
  • Cost - The cost of the platform can be a concern for medium and small companies, making it challenging for full implementation and acquisition.

What’s ServiceNow Software Asset Management’s argument over SummitAI Asset Management?

ServiceNow Software Asset Management presents a compelling case over SummitAI Asset Management, backed by its unique strengths and capabilities that cater to the diverse needs of organizations seeking effective IT Asset Management solutions.

  1. Workflow automation - ServiceNow SAM excels in automating tasks and streamlining employee provisioning, significantly enhancing the efficiency of IT processes. This automation capability ensures smoother operations and timely responses to critical events.

  2. Asset discovery and Inventory Management - ServiceNow SAM's robust asset discovery and Inventory Management functionalities offer seamless tracking and compliance adherence for organizations. 

  3. User-friendly interface - The intuitive and user-friendly UI of ServiceNow Software Asset Management streamlines navigation and facilitates quick onboarding. 

  4. Risk mitigation - ServiceNow's focus on risk mitigation elements provides valuable insights for legal and compliance purposes, enhancing organizations' overall security and risk management efforts. 


Considering InvGate Insight as an ITAM solution alternative

For organizations searching for IT Asset Management alternatives tailored to their specific needs, InvGate Insight presents itself as a robust solution. With many features and functionalities, it becomes a viable option for streamlining Asset Management processes. 

Let's delve into its key features.

Comprehensive insights into IT infrastructure

With its robust features, InvGate Insight provides detailed and actionable information about IT assets, including their status and usage. This comprehensive insight enables effective management and optimization of the infrastructure, enhancing operational efficiency.


Enhanced IT asset and Inventory Management

InvGate Insight facilitates the seamless integration of data from various sources, including popular operating systems, cloud service providers (AWS, Google, Azure), and MDMs (JAMF, Google Endpoint Manager). This comprehensive integration ensures efficient management of IT and non-IT assets, locations, and people, saving time and providing a holistic view of the infrastructure.




Enhanced cybersecurity compliance with asset monitoring

Asset monitoring capabilities in InvGate Insight establish and enforce device health rules, facilitating proactive cybersecurity compliance. Quick identification of non-compliance instances allows immediate action to ensure adherence to cybersecurity policies and safeguard the IT infrastructure.


Optimizing software efficiency and reducing costs

InvGate Insight empowers organizations to identify and measure the usage of paid software, facilitating efficient Software Management. By gaining visibility into software utilization, underutilized licenses can be reallocated, unnecessary costs reduced, and returns on IT investments maximized.




A holistic view of IT operations through native service desk integration

InvGate Insight seamlessly integrates with InvGate Service Desk, offering a native integration that links tickets with devices and people. This 360° view of IT operations streamlines management by connecting service tickets to relevant assets and personnel, enhancing communication and improving issue resolution.




Efficient management through automation and alerts

InvGate Insight offers process automation and alert setups, ensuring proactive IT management. Automated alerts help monitor contract expirations and notify relevant parties promptly, reducing manual effort and the risk of oversight. This streamlining of operations allows a focus on critical tasks, enhancing overall efficiency.


Streamlined operations with CMDB map builder

The CMDB map builder tool provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the IT ecosystem. Visualizing relationships between components helps identify potential impacts on operational continuity, leading to proactive risk mitigation. This visibility reduces service times, improves operational efficiency, and ensures smoother IT operations.


Proactive operational cost management

InvGate Insight enables the direct incorporation of financial data, contracts, licenses, and other crucial information, providing a complete understanding of operational costs. This proactive approach helps make informed financial decisions, optimizing budget allocation and maximizing the value derived from IT investments.


Flexible deployment options to suit needs

Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization's requirements and industry regulations, InvGate Insight offers flexible deployment options. This allows organizations to choose between a cloud or on-premise solution, ensuring alignment with specific needs and compliance standards.

Effortless remote management with native integration

InvGate Insight natively integrates with popular remote desktop tools like Windows Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and VNC. This integration enhances remote management capabilities, providing direct access to devices for troubleshooting and maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted operations.




Next steps

In the ongoing battle of ITAM solutions, SummitAI Asset Management vs. ServiceNow Software Asset Management are two leading contenders, each with its unique set of strengths and capabilities. 

However, in the pursuit of finding the perfect fit, exploring additional alternatives such as InvGate Insight becomes an essential part of the journey. The platform offers a unique set of functionalities, promising efficient management, cybersecurity compliance, and proactive cost management.

Explore request a 30-day free trial and discover a new era of streamlined and optimized IT Asset Management.

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