NinjaOne vs. Snipe-IT

Brenda Gratas May 9, 2023
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In the ever-evolving IT Asset Management (ITAM) space, the choices you make carry more weight than ever before. With the spotlight on the face-off between NinjaOne vs. Snipe-IT, the decision-making process takes on a new level of complexity. Beyond selecting software, your choice can reshape your organization's efficiency and chart its course into the future.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through an in-depth ITAM software comparison that delves into the features, advantages, and limitations of both platforms.

But that's not the end of the story. As we dissect the landscape of IT Asset Management, a third contender emerges: InvGate Insight. With its unique set of functionalities and capabilities, this up-and-coming alternative introduces a fresh perspective to the challenges faced in IT Asset Management.

Continue reading to make an informed choice that will steer your organization toward a brighter future.


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  • NinjaOne is lauded for its integrated solution, robust data protection, and comprehensive reporting. However, users cite concerns like limited after-hours support, integration challenges, and areas for improvement in ticketing and documentation.

  • Snipe-IT offers free and open-source, easy asset tracking, and strong community support, but criticism arises around time-intensive initial setup, limited ticketing tool integration, and missing features like a calendar booking system.

  • InvGate Insight, in contrast, excels in offering seamless platform integrations, efficient deployment options, robust cybersecurity measures, and effective centralization of CMDB data for enhanced IT Asset Management and tracking.
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Most looked-at features by buyers

When evaluating potential IT Asset Management solutions, prospective buyers consider a range of essential capabilities to identify the most suitable option that aligns with their specific requirements and business needs. Here are several key factors that play a role in the selection of a customized ITAM solution for their company.

  1. Flexible deployment options - Users prefer a platform that offers flexibility in choosing deployment models, including cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid solutions.

  2. Optimized Software Management - This feature enables users to monitor software installations, ensure proper Software License Management, and identify instances of over or underutilization.

  3. Enhanced cybersecurity compliance - Buyers are looking for a tool that monitors assets and their security status to identify and address security vulnerabilities in a proactive manner.

  4. Comprehensive insights into infrastructure - The platform should provide complete visibility into the status, performance, and usage of IT assets, enabling users to make well-informed decisions and optimize their infrastructure. It should also include robust reporting and analytics capabilities.

  5. Unified IT Asset and Inventory Management - Users can effectively oversee and control their IT asset inventory through a single interface. The solution should automate the process of identifying assets and capturing crucial details such as hardware specifications, software versions, and ownership information.

  6. Integration with help desk services - Integrating with help desk software facilitates seamless information exchange between Asset Management and IT Service Management processes. This integration improves communication, streamlines workflows, and enhances overall service delivery.

  7. Remote Management with built-in tools - Integration with widely-used remote desktop tools empowers IT teams to diagnose issues, apply patches, perform software installations, and conduct system updates remotely, eliminating the need for physical presence.

  8. Proactive financial oversight and Cost Management - The chosen solution should integrate financial data, manage contract lifecycles, track licenses, and incorporate other pertinent information to develop a comprehensive understanding of operational expenses.

  9. Construction of CMDB mapping - Users can establish and document connections among various components such as hardware devices, software applications, network links, and interdependencies. Visualizing these connections helps organizations understand the consequences of changes, assess potential risks, and plan for effective Incident and Change Management

  10. Automated Management and proactive alerts - The solution should support automated workflows for routine tasks like software updates, patch deployments, and system maintenance. This ensures smooth operations and swift responses to critical events through automation and timely proactive alerts.


What is NinjaOne?

NinjaOne is dedicated to creating solutions for IT management that offer significant support to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT professionals. Their primary aim is to ensure smooth business operations and increased profitability. The platform is carefully designed to simplify the process of bringing new clients on board and to maximize automation, resulting in a modernized IT management experience.

The tool's main goal is to lower the expenses associated with client onboarding and training, proactively identify and solve common IT issues, and make complex IT tasks more straightforward. This transformation shifts the perception of IT from being merely a cost to a potential driver of business growth.

The company operates independently under the guidance of its founders, supported by an executive team with extensive backgrounds in IT. They have experience ranging from overseeing services to launching startups tailored for MSPs and IT leaders. NinjaOne's core is built on cloud technology, providing a unified IT management platform that is well-prepared for expansion.

What users like from NinjaOne

NinjaOne has received widespread recognition and positive customer reviews from reputable sources like Gartner. Users have highlighted a variety of benefits, as detailed below.

  • Simplified implementation and management - NinjaOne's straightforward implementation and management protocols simplify the tasks of IT teams, saving time and resources during platform setup and supervision.
  • Streamlined navigation - The platform's inherent navigation structure ensures users can swiftly locate the tools and features they need. This reduces the learning curve and enhances the overall user experience.
  • Robust reporting capabilities - NinjaOne's powerful reporting prowess offers profound insights into the performance of IT operations.
  • Comprehensive, integrated solution - The tool's comprehensive fusion of Help Desk, Patching, and Backup functionalities within a single product simplifies operations and enhances effectiveness.
  • Responsive support and engagement - The platform's support services and user interaction foster a positive user experience. Timely support and engagement efforts nurture a sense of partnership and confidence in the platform.
  • Extensive resources - The availability of in-depth documentation and options for scripting empowers IT experts to personalize processes, troubleshoot proficiently, and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Efficient Patch Management capabilities - NinjaOne's seamless Windows Patch Management alleviates the complexities of keeping systems up to date. The ability to schedule patches and software updates reinforces system security and efficiency while mitigating vulnerabilities.
  • Mobile adaptability - The platform's mobile application extends the convenience of IT management beyond desktop settings, enabling professionals to oversee and address issues while on the move.
  • Cost-efficient approach - NinjaOne's budget-friendly strategy positions it as a valuable choice for businesses of various sizes. Its adaptable licensing, allowing a start with just 50 devices, enables organizations to scale according to their requirements.
  • Data protection through server and PC backup - NinjaOne's inclusion of features for server and PC backup provides a reliable solution for safeguarding data, ensuring critical information is secure, and minimizing potential setbacks.
  • Swift search functionalities - The platform's rapid search capabilities for individuals or serial numbers expedite problem-solving and asset identification.

What users don’t like from NinjaOne

In spite of the numerous strengths and commendable qualities that NinjaOne possesses, it is not exempt from customer reservations and constructive critique. Here is an aggregation of common issues that users have highlighted in reviews from credible sources like Gartner.

  • Incomplete ticketing and documentation components - Some users have noticed that the ticketing system and associated documentation feel incomplete or lacking certain elements. This perception could impact user experience and overall efficiency.
  • Varied performance of remote capabilities - Certain users have pointed out inconsistencies in the performance of remote capabilities, which could hinder efficient remote troubleshooting and management tasks.
  • Incomplete integrations - Users have reported instances where the integration with external tools or systems appears incomplete or lacking in specific aspects, impacting the overall efficiency of their workflows.
  • Limited availability of technical support beyond business hours - Some users have expressed a desire for extended 24/7 support to ensure prompt assistance and issue resolution at any hour of the day.
  • Issues in retrieving asset details - Certain users have faced challenges when attempting to access asset details effectively, which could potentially slow down the troubleshooting and Asset Management processes.
  • Need for screenshot functionality - Users have indicated a requirement for screenshot functionality within the platform, which could aid in documentation, troubleshooting, and communication processes.
  • Past problems with email delivery - Previous instances of email delivery issues have been reported, potentially affecting communication and the timely handling of support requests.
  • Lack of maintenance mode for devices - The absence of a maintenance mode for devices could complicate specific tasks, such as updates or troubleshooting, without causing disruptions to ongoing operations.

What’s NinjaOne’s argument over Snipe-IT?

When pitted against Snipe-IT, NinjaOne stands as an exceptional IT Asset Management solution with a host of distinct advantages that set it apart.

  1. Extensive resources and easy implementation - NinjaOne's provision of comprehensive documentation and scripting options empowers IT professionals, simplifying troubleshooting and automation. 

  2. Simplified navigation and strong reporting - NinjaOne's intuitive navigation and robust reporting capabilities enrich the user experience and provide valuable operational insights. 

  3. Comprehensive, unified solution - NinjaOne's unique fusion of Help Desk, Patching, and Backup functionalities into a single, integrated product elevates its efficiency and effectiveness.

  4. Responsive support - NinjaOne's dedication to responsive customer support and meaningful user engagement cultivates a positive user experience. 

  5. Data protection and mobile adaptability - NinjaOne's robust data protection through server and PC backup, coupled with its mobile application for on-the-go IT management, represents a holistic approach to contemporary IT requirements. 

  6. Cost-efficient approach - NinjaOne's strategic cost-effective strategy positions it as a versatile solution suitable for organizations of varying sizes. 


What is Snipe-IT?Example of Snipe-IT's interface.

Originating in 2013, Snipe-IT, an Asset Management software crafted by Grokability, gained recognition due to Alison Gianotto's efforts. Having previously served as the CTO at a New York City advertising firm, Gianotto's dissatisfaction with existing IT asset tracking solutions compelled her to design Snipe-IT to align with her requirements.

Subsequently, Snipe-IT has achieved popularity and remains actively upheld as a cost-free option for Asset Management.

Grokability, the driving entity behind Snipe-IT, focuses on creating user-friendly software, nurturing a culture of continuous learning, promoting transparency and security, and advocating for the advantages of open-source software.

What users like from Snipe-IT

Snipe-IT's strengths and advantages have been prominently featured and positively reviewed on platforms such as Capterra and G2. Here are some of the notable advantages that have been emphasized.

  • Flexibility and personalization - Snipe-IT offers adaptability through customizable attributes, including the capability to attach images to items and associate items with specific locations or individuals. Furthermore, it provides a comprehensive API for smooth automation and integration with other software.
  • Simplicity and user-friendly configuration - The tool has an uncomplicated setup process and user-friendly interface, catering even to individuals without technical expertise. It streamlines the monitoring of software acquisitions and renewals.
  • Community and support - While the paid version of the software offers robust technical support, the free version benefits from an engaged community accessible through forums. Users can request assistance and share insights within this community-driven space.
  • Effortless tracking of assets - The platform makes asset tracking, spanning software, consumables, and peripherals, a straightforward task. It allows for the addition of supplementary components and accessories.
  • Economical open-source solution - Snipe-IT is both open-source and free of cost, positioning it as a budget-friendly option for small and medium-sized businesses. It delivers a reliable system with a diverse array of features.

What users don’t like from Snipe-IT

While Snipe-IT has an array of strengths and favorable characteristics, users have expressed certain concerns and criticisms. Reviews from platforms like G2 and Capterra have underscored the common concerns voiced by users.

  • Time-intensive initial setup - The initial setup procedure for Snipe-IT, especially when importing pre-existing inventory, can demand a substantial investment of time and resources.
  • Deficiency in features - Users have pointed out the absence of certain desired features, including a calendar booking system or webhooks. Furthermore, making adjustments to default search fields or email configurations might prove to be problematic.
  • Integration limitations with ticketing tools - Snipe-IT faces challenges in seamlessly integrating with ticketing tools, potentially causing inconvenience for users who rely on such integrations.
  • Complex data importing process - The process of importing data into the platform can be intricate and less straightforward, potentially leading to frustration among users.
  • Authentication and search constraints - The software lacks support for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication and lacks SAML or Google connection support for importing users. Moreover, the search functionality within the tool may have limitations.
  • Mobile views and notifications - Enhancements to the dedicated mobile views in Snipe-IT could enhance user-friendliness. Furthermore, the email notification system might not consistently send alerts for specific types of assets, possibly resulting in oversight.

What’s Snipe-IT’s argument over NinjaOne?

In a comparative evaluation between Snipe-IT and NinjaOne, Snipe-IT makes a compelling case by highlighting its distinct strengths and advantages. 

  1. Flexibility and personalization -The platform allows users to customize attributes, offering the capability to attach images to items and establish associations with specific locations or individuals. Additionally, Snipe-IT has a comprehensive API, enabling seamless automation and integration with various software applications. 

  2. Simplicity and user-friendly configuration - A major differentiator for Snipe-IT is its user-friendly setup process and interface. This aspect caters not only to tech-savvy users but also extends its accessibility to individuals without extensive technical expertise. 

  3. Community and support - Snipe-IT places a strong emphasis on community engagement and support. The free version of the software benefits from an active community accessible through forums, enabling users to seek assistance and exchange insights. 

  4. Effortless tracking of assets - The platform simplifies the tracking of various assets, encompassing software, consumables, peripherals, and more. 

  5. Economical open-source solution - Snipe-IT's open-source nature and cost-free offering make it an attractive option for small and medium-sized businesses seeking budget-friendly solutions. 


Considering InvGate Insight as an ITAM solution alternative




For organizations in search of tailored solutions for IT Asset Management that align with their particular requirements, InvGate Insight emerges as a viable choice. Serving as a robust ITAM solution, it presents a range of features and functionalities that render it a practical option for streamlining Asset Management processes. Let's delve into its main characteristics.

Thorough understanding of IT infrastructure


With its strong capabilities, InvGate Insight provides detailed and actionable insights into IT assets, encompassing their status and utilization. This comprehensive understanding allows for effective management and optimization of the infrastructure, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency.

Flexible deployment options to suit needs

Recognizing the uniqueness of each organization's needs and industry regulations, InvGate Insight offers flexible deployment options. This flexibility allows organizations to choose between cloud-based or on-premise solutions, ensuring alignment with specific requirements and compliance standards.

Optimization of software efficiency and cost reduction


InvGate Insight enables organizations to identify and assess the usage of paid software, streamlining Software Management. By gaining insight into software usage, unused licenses can be reallocated, unnecessary costs minimized, and returns on IT investments maximized. This optimization of software efficiency helps organizations make the most of their software assets.

Enhanced management of IT Assets and Inventory

InvGate Insight's multiple methods to populate an IT asset inventory.

InvGate Insight simplifies integration by consolidating data from various sources, including major operating systems, cloud service providers (AWS, Google, and Azure), and MDMs (JAMF and Google Endpoint Manager). This extensive integration streamlines the management of both IT and non-IT assets, locations, and personnel. This approach saves time and provides a holistic view of the infrastructure.

Improved cybersecurity compliance through asset monitoring


InvGate Insight's asset monitoring capabilities establish and enforce device health rules, contributing to proactive cybersecurity compliance. Swift identification of instances of non-compliance allows for immediate action to uphold cybersecurity policies and protect the IT infrastructure.

A holistic view of IT operations through native service desk integration

InvGate Insight seamlessly integrates with InvGate Service Desk, establishing a native connection between tickets, devices, and personnel. This integration offers a comprehensive view of IT operations, which streamlines management. Linking service tickets to relevant assets and personnel enhances workflows, communication, and issue resolution.

Streamlined operations through CMDB map construction


InvGate Insight's tool for building CMDB maps offers a clear and comprehensive view of the IT landscape. Visualizing the connections between components helps identify potential impacts on operational continuity, thus proactively addressing risks. This visibility leads to reduced service times, heightened operational efficiency, and smoother overall IT operations.

Automation and proactive alerts


InvGate Insight promotes process automation and the setup of alerts to foster proactive IT management. Automated alerts enable organizations to monitor contract expirations and promptly notify relevant parties, reducing the risk of oversight. This automation optimizes operations, allowing a focus on critical tasks and enhancing overall efficiency.

Effortless Remote Management with native integration

InvGate Insight seamlessly integrates with widely used remote desktop tools like Windows Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, AnyDesk, and VNC. This integration enhances remote management capabilities, granting direct device access for troubleshooting and maintenance. This smooth remote access empowers organizations to effectively address IT issues, perform maintenance tasks, and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Proactive control of operational costs


InvGate Insight facilitates the direct integration of financial data, contracts, licenses, and other crucial information into the system. This approach provides organizations with a comprehensive grasp of operational expenses, enabling proactive and well-informed financial decisions. This optimization of budget allocation maximizes the value derived from IT investments.

Next steps

To wrap up the comparison between NinjaOne vs. Snipe-IT in the realm of IT Asset Management, each platform brings a unique set of strengths and considerations to the table.

But, as the technology landscape shifts, it's prudent to watch for alternatives that might resonate more closely with your organization's specific demands. One such contender that beckons attention is InvGate Insight. From comprehensive asset optimization to bolstering cybersecurity compliance and proactive cost management, this platform presents a holistic and future-forward approach.

But don't just take our word for it — explore the platform through our live demo. Immerse yourself in the transformative potential of streamlined and optimized IT Asset Management.

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