What's Coming to InvGate Service Desk And Insight in 2024?

Pablo Vergne December 5, 2023
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As 2023 draws to a close, we look back on a year that has not only been about growth and achievement but also about embracing change and pushing the boundaries of innovation. This year at InvGate, we witnessed a remarkable evolution in our approach to IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM), reflected through our flagship products, InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Insight

Our commitment to continuous improvement and delivering an exceptional user experience has been the cornerstone of our development strategy. It's been a year where we've not just followed but also set new trends, staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

In hindsight, we see a year characterized by significant advancements, strategic collaborations, and a focus on user-centric innovation. We've taken some big steps to enhance our products' capabilities, integrating advanced technologies and user-friendly features to cater to the ever-changing needs of our diverse client base.

2023 at a glance for InvGate Service Desk and Insight

During 2023, our focus was on enhancing the capabilities of both Service Desk and Insight through strategic features and integrations. This approach has led to some major advancements in our offerings. 

We've seen our products not only integrate seamlessly within the broader technological ecosystems of organizations but also become pivotal in orchestrating Service Management more efficiently and intuitively.

InvGate Service Desk: Enhancements and new features

Microsoft Teams Virtual Agent



Our integration with Microsoft Teams has been a game-changer in transforming how users interact with our services. By leveraging the ubiquity and familiarity of Microsoft Teams with the Microsoft Teams Virtual Agent, we've made our services more accessible and user-friendly, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

AI enhancements 

The implementation of Support Assist and AI Responses has been an important leap in our AI journey. This year, we've moved beyond basic functionalities, introducing AI features that have optimized support efficiency and revolutionized the user interaction experience. These AI-driven enhancements are designed to provide contextual support to agents, improving the quality and speed of service delivery.

Mobile improvements

We've significantly revamped our mobile platform. This overhaul focused on intuitive interfaces and a more organized home section for agents. Our goal was to enhance user engagement and efficiency, particularly for agents who need to manage workflows and service requests on the go.

Data visualization tool integrations

Recognizing the importance of data in driving decisions, we've integrated with leading data visualization tools, such as PowerBI. This integration empowers users to analyze and report data more effectively, offering a clearer insight into operational metrics and enabling data-driven decision-making.

InvGate Insight: Advancements and introductions

Custom dashboards



In response to the growing need for personalized data analysis, we've launched the custom dashboards feature. This development stemmed from a desire to provide parity between our products and to eliminate reporting bottlenecks. The custom dashboards not only allow for live data visualization but also represent our dedication to being at the cutting edge of design trends, thereby improving the overall administrative experience.

Software compliance



This year, we introduced a new software compliance module, addressing a critical aspect of modern IT management. Our commitment to ensuring software legality and operational efficiency is at the forefront of this development. This module not only helps in Inventory Management but also sets the stage for future enhancements in security compliance and Vulnerability Management, thereby providing a comprehensive tool for IT governance.

Software deployment

We've launched a new script-powered software deployment feature to help users manage software installation across your organization. This functionality addresses several complex variables like security, performance, and scalability, showcasing our commitment to offering comprehensive asset management solutions.

SCIM integration

Our integrations with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) and Okta have enhanced our capability to offer more robust security and user management features. This integration is a response to the growing need for more secure and efficient User Management in today's increasingly complex digital environments.

InvGate Insight version 2.0

Last but not least, a significant milestone was the release of InvGate Insight version 2.0. This new version represents not just an incremental update but a substantial leap forward in our product's capabilities and design. Version 2.0 is poised to introduce a suite of features and enhancements that are aligned with our vision of providing a more integrated, intuitive, and powerful asset management experience.

Looking ahead: 2024 roadmap for InvGate Service Desk and Insight

As we look towards 2024, our roadmap is meticulously shaped by the emerging trends and the evolving needs of our users, as well as our own goals of accountability and excellence. Our focus is not only on maintaining the momentum we've gained but also on pioneering new innovations in IT Service and Asset Management.

Enhanced workflows

Our Low-Code/No-Code initiative has been transformative in simplifying workflow creation. In this sense, in 2024 will continue enhancing this aspect of our product. This development is a direct response to the growing need for tools that lower the entry barriers for technology adoption. Our goal with it is to enable users from various departments, not just IT, to structure information flows more intuitively, saving time and resources for organizations.

Centralized communication platforms

A key focus will be the further development of a unified platform. This platform aims to transcend beyond IT Service Management, evolving into a central hub for all employee interactions and processes. We envision a system where employees can access not just service requests but also a wide array of organizational resources and tools, transforming our platform into the main intranet portal for every employee.

Automated process efficiency 

Our commitment to automation will be amplified in 2024, especially in automating repetitive tasks and leveraging AI for more streamlined operations. We aim to master current AI features while adding new, innovative functionalities, such as enhanced virtual agent capabilities that understand and respond to user queries in a more humanized and context-sensitive manner.

Diverse Device Management 

Adapting InvGate Insight to effectively manage a diverse range of devices is a critical goal. We're planning to expand our capabilities in device discovery and management, including integration with more cloud services and virtual environments. This initiative aligns with our commitment to providing comprehensive asset management that reflects the varied and dynamic nature of modern IT environments.

Self-diagnosing and correcting systems

In 2024, we will advance toward developing self-healing technologies. This initiative is geared towards creating systems that not only diagnose and correct issues autonomously but also proactively prevent potential problems, thus reducing downtime and enhancing overall system reliability.

AI-driven customer interaction 

Enhancing AI capabilities for a more intuitive and personalized support experience remains a priority. We plan to further refine AI's role in customer interactions, making these interactions more natural and efficient. The integration of advanced AI techniques, such as natural language processing, will play a huge role in achieving this goal.

Cybersecurity vigilance

Building upon our 2023 initiatives, we aim to embed more proactive threat detection and mitigation strategies, including advanced vulnerability scanning and Patch Management capabilities. This focus is in line with the growing importance of cybersecurity in every aspect of IT management.

These strategic directions for 2024 not only represent our ambition to stay at the forefront of industry trends but also our dedication to delivering solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of our diverse clientele. We are committed to a path of innovation and excellence, ensuring that InvGate continues to be a leader in IT Service and Asset Management solutions.

In summary

In our journey, the focus on user experience, scalability, and flexibility are paramount. We are committed to a continuous feedback loop, ensuring our developments resonate with real-world demands. Comprehensive training and support for these new features will be a priority to ensure a smooth transition for our users.

2023 has been a year of hugely important growth and innovation at InvGate. As we move into 2024, we're so excited to continue this trajectory, offering products that not only meet but anticipate the needs of an evolving digital landscape. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in IT Service Management and Asset Management.

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