InvGate AI Hub: New Artificial Intelligence Capabilities For IT Teams

Celeste Mottesi February 28, 2024
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The IT world has always evolved quickly, but the explosion of generative AI and multimodal models is a major breakthrough in the industry. It is changing how we relate to technology – and now it will also change your IT service offering. We’re very excited to introduce you to InvGate AI Hub.

InvGate AI Hub consists of a series of features that enable artificial intelligence for IT teams. From being able to summarize requests and craft ticket replies to generate service catalog categories, provide knowledge article summaries and draft the articles automatically, it aims to empower agents and augment their capabilities.

“We are applying AI as the technology develops itself and have been working on it for the past 18 months. Our goal is to enable agents to do more. It’s all about empowering them to be more effective and efficient,” precised Ariel Gesto, CEO and Co-Founder of InvGate.

Let’s see the five features this first launch includes in more detail.



What is InvGate AI Hub?

InvGate AI Hub is a centralized initiative to unify all the AI-powered features our products offer. At its heart is our commitment to build tools IT teams use to enable every other team in the company.

“We are constantly analyzing usage patterns to detect bottlenecks and implement solutions that remove them. Sometimes, we simplify the user interface, streamline processes, and automate some repetitive tasks. When we see that AI can be a good fit to solve a problem, we go and implement it,” explained Daniel Ciolek, Head of Research and Development at InvGate.

Generally speaking, the AI Hub has some clear advantages:

  • It provides admins with more autonomy and automation capabilities for their teams.
  • It decreases your agents’ ticket volume, allowing for even more time saving.
  • It offers your end-users faster responses and more self-service resources.

Now, it’s time to see how it works.

InvGate AI Hub features

Before we start, you should know that the AI Hub’s free beta is available for all cloud customers. You can enable as many features as you’d like from Settings >> AI Hub. And in case you haven’t tried InvGate Service Desk yet, there’s a 30-day free trial waiting for you!

AI-Improved Responses


InvGate Service Desk AI-Improved Responses leverage generative AI to improve, shorten, or expand help desk agents’ ticket replies. 

Starting with a draft provided by the agent, the feature uses Generative AI to improve it. Once the new text is generated, the technician can tweak it before sending it.

Agents using AI-Improved Responses respond to tickets up to 28% faster*.

This feature gives your teams even more efficiency and time-saving by reducing the time technicians spend preparing the replies while also providing accuracy and consistency across all support.

Knowledge Article Generation


The Knowledge Article Generation capability transforms incident resolutions into knowledge articles. 

After resolving an incident, agents will get the chance to use the details from the initial request and the most relevant activity to solve it and generate a first knowledge article draft with AI.

The first version of the article is generated in less than 30 seconds* for them to review, edit, and submit for approval.

This feature entails several benefits, including:

  • Encouraging help desk analysts to create more articles by easing the beginning of the process.
  • Providing end-users with a complete and up-to-date knowledge base.
  • Decreasing the ticket volume by letting users self-solve more issues.

Ticket Summarization

Next in line, Ticket Summarization offers a way to automatically generate a recap of the ticket activity so far. In addition, users can choose to post the summary as an internal comment for future reference.

This AI capability allows to onboard someone new to a complex ongoing incident in less than a minute*.

This feature is able to summarize the problem, the steps taken so far, and the people involved, escalations, collaborations, and approvals comes in handy for those complex issues that run for days on with too much activity.


Keyword Generation

InvGate Service Desk Keyword Generation feature automatically generates keyword suggestions to add to your new service category to make it easier for users to find and create tickets in the right category.

Implementing the Keyword Generation capability reduces misclassified tickets by 32%*.

By using it, admins can quickly add accurate keywords to any category, reducing the time and effort required for manual configuration. In consequence, a precise categorization optimizes ticket routing and avoids support teams having to spend time redirecting tickets that don't belong to them. 

Contextual Knowledge Article Summaries (by Virtual Agent)


InvGate Service Desk Virtual Agent can now provide end-users with contextual knowledge article summaries so that they quickly get the information they need to solve an issue without contacting IT support.

This functionality not only decreases the number of submitted tickets through the chat by 15% but also increases the chatbot adoption by 40%*.

Benefits of using AI for IT teams

The whole world noticed that something big was happening with the launch of ChatGPT, and its impact since then has been outstanding. ChatGPT receives more than 10 million daily queries and, in November 2023, hit 100 million weekly users, just to name two statistics.

So, it only makes sense that organizations want to use AI for IT teams.

For us, that translates into developing capabilities that complement and enhance our users so that they can accomplish more and can focus on tasks where human input is more relevant.

“AI enables users to be more efficient. Users of an ITSM platform – such as in InvGate – are constantly using texts, for instance, to interact with other users, to consume knowledge, or to create reports. Being able to optimize those use cases allows users to be much more efficient than ever,” Ciolek pointed out.

What’s next?

This is just the first beta version of InvGate AI Hub, but we have so much more planned! As Gesto said, AI’s impact on InvGate’s products will be massive. We are applying generative AI for our Service Management. On top of that, we are doing machine learning to do predictive analytics. And we are taking our first steps toward self-healing systems and auto-remediation.

Our plans for the future include:

  • A smarter MS Teams Virtual Agent that can provide a conversational experience and solution-based responses.

  • AI capabilities applied to IT Asset Management (ITAM), including:
    • Natural language search.
    • An automatic CMDB to build a map of relationships enhanced by AI.
    • AI software and hardware normalization to further ensure accurate and consistent records of those assets.
    • Smart alerts to reduce CI management time and focus on the most critical ones.
    • Auto-healing so that the system can automatically execute corrective actions by triggering scripts when a set of conditions are met.

  • Preventive/proactive support enhancements that focus on root cause analysis, anomaly detection, and workflow analytics.

  • Language support improvements that facilitate spell-checking and translation.

In addition, we’ll discuss AI and future workplace trends throughout the year as part of the InvGate Unbound initiative! Make sure to register for early access.

*The data is based on internal testing

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