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Pablo Vergne

Product Manager at InvGate.
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WIIFM: A Key Tool for Change Managers

The first rule of change management is that people don't like to change, and anyone involved in managing a major change will tell you this is all too true. WIIFM is an acronym that stands for What Is In It For Me. In essence, it’s a truth that ...

InvGate Service Desk 6.0: new UI, new way to work

We’re very happy to introduce InvGate Service Desk 6.0, a version that features a totally renewed interface to continue making your life at work easier (and more organized). The goal we set ourselves ...

From Organizational Chaos to Effective Service

Philosopher George Santayana once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. There’s hardly any other quote that could sum up this story so well... We usually say that ...

Panning for Golden Insights from the Historical Backlog

On the surface, determining the status of your service desk historical backlog seems easy. But the scenario becomes more complex when looking at historical data for the week, month, or year. InvGate ...

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