Craft Faster And Consistent Help Desk Ticket Replies With AI-Improved Responses

Celeste Mottesi February 28, 2024
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The speed and quality of interactions is a determining factor in customer satisfaction. And even though those aspects depend on several elements, artificial intelligence (AI) can greatly contribute to their improvement. This is why we added the AI-Improved Responses feature as part of InvGate Service Desk AI Hub.

As end-users, we all demand and expect fast replies to our issues. To address this, we managed to improve help desk agents’ replies and decrease by 28% response times by leveraging generative AI (based on data from internal testing).

Keep reading to see how this feature works and what it can do for your organization!



What are InvGate Service Desk AI-Improved Responses?

InvGate Service Desk AI-Improved Responses analyzes service desk agents’ draft responses to requests, taking in all the details and the agents’ input, and generates a new response that can summarize, expand, or change the tone of the original draft using generative AI.

All they need to do is draft the response, click on the magic wand icon, and select whether to improve, shorten, or expand the draft. Once selected, the AI provides them with a new text – which they can adjust freely before sending.

AI-Improved Responses is part of InvGate AI Hub, a set of features and capabilities that put AI in service of IT teams to reduce their workload and increase the quality of services they provide to every other team in the company.

Benefits of using AI in ticket replies

No matter how much you can automate in IT support, the human factor can't (and shouldn't) be eliminated. Users expect empathic-written responses that consider their issues and solve them in the shortest possible time.

Meanwhile, agents face numerous requests per day that need to be answered within their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). In this context, the volume of tickets, their urgency and priority, as well as the expertise, organization abilities, and even soft skills of each agent are determining factors of the quality of the service provided.

Until now, you could attempt to reduce the disparity among agents with canned responses. They provided your agents with templates to reply to certain types of requests. However, they might not address every situation or every exchange your technicians face everyday.

Now, AI-Improved Responses enhance your IT support offering with:

  • Clear and concise messages for all agents to even output quality and speed up interactions.
  • A way to spend less time crafting and editing the messages so they have more time to focus on actually resolving the issues.

But this is not all: InvGate AI Hub

This is just one of many capabilities we have added and will continue to add to the AI Hub. 

Want to see them in action? The free beta is available to all cloud customers. Go to Settings >> AI Hub and enable them! And if you don’t have InvGate Service Desk yet, request the 30-day free trial and explore in your own time!

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