ServiceNow vs. Ivanti Neurons

Brenda Gratas December 21, 2023
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Are you seeking the perfect tool to elevate your IT Service Management (ITSM) project? If you're considering the ServiceNow vs. Ivanti Neurons debate, you've come to the right place. 

In this blog post, we'll delve into the features, strengths, and weaknesses of ServiceNow and Ivanti Neurons. But we won't stop there! We'll also introduce you to InvGate Service Desk, a compelling alternative that might just be the ideal fit for your organization. 

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  • In the case of ServiceNow, Gartner and G2 reviews highlight its integration capabilities, growing user community, AI features, and continuous product updates. Nonetheless, they also warn about the platform's steep learning curve, the delays in implementation, the elevated licensing costs, and the limited presence in emerging markets.

  • As for Ivanti Neurons, users highlight its ease of use and customization, automation capabilities, and customer service. However, they dislike the out-of-the-box features, complex backend, poor documentation, and limited integration.

  • Lastly, InvGate Service Desk is recognized for its flexibility and scalability, Low-Code/No-Code capabilities, and ease of use. In addition, it offers multiple automation features, native, third-party, and API integrations, short implementation times, and outstanding support.


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Most looked-at features by buyers

When assessing ITSM solutions, buyers prioritize specific features that align with their organization's requirements. Recognizing these sought-after features can facilitate an informed decision-making process. 

Let's delve into the essential features that potential buyers commonly emphasize during the ITSM tool comparison process.

  1. Ticket Management Solution - Buyers place great importance on having a comprehensive Ticket Management System in their help desk software. This feature enables efficient tracking, assignment, and resolution of customer inquiries and support requests.

  2. Efficient Asset Management - Users prioritize software that provides robust IT Asset Management functionalities to help them maintain accurate inventories and optimize resource utilization within their organizations.

  3. Self-service portal - Buyers highly value the inclusion of a self-service portal as it allows end-users to independently resolve common issues and find relevant information without the need for direct assistance.

  4. Insightful reporting - Buyers seek help desk software with powerful reporting tools such as dashboards and reports, enabling them to gain valuable insights into their IT operations and performance. This data-driven approach aids in informed decision-making and continuous service improvement.

  5. Support automation and Workflow Management - Buyers actively seek software solutions that offer automation capabilities to streamline routine tasks like ticket routing, approvals, and escalations. These automation features contribute to increased efficiency and productivity.

  6. Customization and flexibility - Buyers appreciate software solutions that offer customization options, allowing them to tailor the platform to their unique business needs. This flexibility ensures the software aligns with their specific workflows and processes, enhancing user satisfaction and overall effectiveness.

  7. Seamless integration capabilities - Integration with other systems and applications is a key buyer requirement, ensuring smooth data flow and process automation. Integrating with existing tools and platforms is highly valued for enhanced efficiency and a unified user experience.

What is ServiceNow?

Example of ServiceNow's interface.

ServiceNow is a leading cloud-based solution provider that optimizes IT Service Management (ITSM) and digital workflows for organizations. The company is committed to simplifying and automating IT operations, improving customer experiences, and driving digital transformation across businesses.

Established in 2004 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California, ServiceNow offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions designed to meet various enterprise needs. Their offerings include IT Service Management, IT Operations Management, IT Business Management, Customer Service Management, Human Resources Service Delivery, Security Operations, and more. ServiceNow has strategically formed partnerships with industry-leading companies like NVIDIA and Juniper Networks, bolstering its strong presence in the market.

What users like from ServiceNow

Customers have expressed numerous positive aspects of ServiceNow, as recognized by reputable sources like Gartner and G2. Let's explore some of the benefits customers and experts highlighted in their analyses.

  • A cloud-based platform - ServiceNow's cloud-based approach allows organizations to scale their operations effectively, provides flexibility, and ensures accessibility from any location.

  • Growing user community - The platform enjoys a thriving and rapidly expanding community of users. It holds a highly regarded position within the industry, and many customers discover and gain knowledge about the product through recommendations from their peers.

  • Integration capabilities - The tool offers robust features that enable seamless integration with other systems and applications, facilitating smooth data flow and promoting interoperability.

  • Continuous product enhancements - ServiceNow consistently introduces improvements to its products through a combination of acquisitions and internal development. They provide customers with a transparent product roadmap, ensuring visibility into upcoming features and enhancements.

  • Native AI capabilities - The system incorporates the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into its platform, providing built-in AI functionalities. These include virtual Agent chatbots and predictive intelligence, greatly enhancing the user experience.

  • Expanded usage in various domains - Customers not only utilize ServiceNow for IT Service Management (ITSM) but also extend its usage to other areas such as Human Resources (HR), Customer Engagement Center (CEC), Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), and IT Operations Management (ITOM).

What users don’t like from ServiceNow

While ServiceNow is recognized for its many strengths and positive qualities, customers have expressed certain concerns and dislikes regarding the platform. 

Let's explore some of the dislikes that have been highlighted by analyzing reputable sources such as Gartner and G2

  • Steep learning curve and complexity for new users - Some users find ServiceNow's platform challenging, particularly when utilizing its more advanced features. The system's complexity may require additional training and resources to ensure users can effectively leverage its capabilities.

  • Difficulties and delays during implementation - Organizations may encounter problems during the configuration, data migration, or integration stages, resulting in longer implementation timelines.

  • Challenges in customizing workflows and processes - The platform may need more flexibility and customization options, making it difficult for organizations to tailor the system to their specific needs and unique business processes.

  • High licensing costs and potential additional expenses - ServiceNow's comprehensive functionality and advanced features come at a significant cost. Licensing fees can be substantial, especially for organizations requiring capabilities beyond ITSM. Additional expenses may arise for customizations or specialized modules, further increasing the overall cost of ownership.

  • Renewal leverage concerns - ServiceNow's dominant market position may limit customers' ability to renegotiate contracts without compromising existing discounts, raising worries about renewal leverage.

  • Mixed feedback on customer support - Some users have expressed concerns about response times and accessibility when seeking assistance from the platform’s customer support.

  • Limited presence in emerging markets - ServiceNow has a limited presence in certain emerging markets, with fewer local offices and a lack of hosting options in regions such as the Middle East.

What’s ServiceNow’s argument over Ivanti Neurons?

ServiceNow can argue its strengths over Ivanti Neurons based on the following factors.

  1. Robust community and market presence - ServiceNow boasts a growing user community and holds a highly regarded position within the industry.

  2. Extensive integration capabilities - ServiceNow offers robust features for seamless integration with other systems and applications, promoting interoperability and data flow.

  3. Continuous product enhancements and transparent roadmap - ServiceNow consistently introduces product improvements through acquisitions and internal development, providing customers with a transparent product roadmap.

  4. Native AI capabilities - ServiceNow incorporates AI and ML into its platform, offering built-in AI functionalities that enhance the user experience.

  5. Expanded usage in various domains - ServiceNow's platform is not limited to ITSM, extending its usage to areas like HR, CEC, GRC, and ITOM.

What is Ivanti Neurons?

Example of Ivanti Neuron's interface.

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, developed by Ivanti, is an enterprise-level, end-to-end Service Management solution that offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options. It covers the entire service delivery lifecycle, from request capture to remediation. It is built on industry standards and incorporates 11 ITIL 4-certified practices, ensuring a robust foundation for the organizations’ Service Management needs.

The primary objective of Ivanti Neurons for ITSM, part of the Ivanti Neurons platform, is to streamline operations by replacing manual processes with automated workflows. This transformation leads to enhanced organization efficiency, compliance, and security. 

Ivanti, the private technology company behind Ivanti Neurons, specializes in managing and securing Everywhere Work environments, strongly focusing on improving the digital employee experience (DEX). Headquartered in South Jordan, Utah, since its establishment in 1985, Ivanti prides itself on its dedicated workforce of between 2,500 to 4,999 professionals.

What users like from Ivanti Neurons

As noted in reputable analyses like Gartner's evaluation, Ivanti Neurons for ITSM has received positive feedback from users across various industries, including IT Services, Healthcare and Biotech, and Finance. Let's explore some of the advantages highlighted by customers.

  • Customization - Users value the high level of customization provided by Ivanti, enabling them to tailor the system to their specific needs.

  • Ease of use - The system is praised for its user-friendly nature, especially regarding ticketing, equipment access, and call stacks.

  • Customer service - Ivanti's customer service is frequently commended for its collaborative approach and understanding of customer needs.

  • Flexibility - The system allows users to create individual group function modules and adjust workflows to meet their requirements.

  • Automation - Users appreciate the automation opportunities offered by the platform, which streamline processes and improve overall efficiency.

  • Cost savings - Some users have observed that Ivanti offers cost savings compared to other similar products they have tested.

What users don’t like from Ivanti Neurons

Users appreciate Ivanti’s robust capabilities and transformative impact on their IT service environments. However, some areas could be improved, particularly regarding user interface and complexity. Based on analysis from reputable sources such as Gartner, let's explore some of the dislikes that have been mentioned.

  • Lack of out-of-the-box features - Some users feel that Ivanti lacks certain features they would expect from a solution at this level of sophistication.

  • Complex backend - Some users have found the backend complicated, with options scattered across different areas, making navigation challenging.

  • Poor documentation - Users have criticized the outdated and insufficient documentation, requiring extensive hands-on training.

  • Inadequate support - Some users have encountered difficulties with Ivanti's support function, including assigning the appropriate agent and identifying the root cause of problems.

  • Limited integration - Certain users express frustration over the limited integration capabilities with other tools, making process improvements more difficult.

  • Outdated appearance - Some users have mentioned that the product has an old-fashioned look, which may impact the overall user experience.

What’s Ivanti Neurons’ argument over ServiceNow?

Ivanti Neurons can present its strengths and advantages compared to ServiceNow, explaining why it is a competitive option. Here are some key points that Ivanti Neurons uses to support its argument.

  1. Enhanced customization capabilities - Ivanti Neurons emphasizes its high level of customization, enabling organizations to tailor the system to their specific needs. Unlike ServiceNow, which may have limitations in terms of flexibility and customization options, Ivanti Neurons offers greater adaptability to align with unique business processes and requirements.

  2. User-friendly interface and ease of use - Users often praise Ivanti Neurons for its user-friendly nature, especially regarding ticketing, equipment access, and call stacks. The platform strives to provide a straightforward and intuitive user experience, simplifying the learning curve for new users and minimizing the need for extensive training and additional resources.

  3. Collaborative and responsive customer service - Ivanti's customer service is frequently commended for its collaborative approach and deep understanding of customer needs. By offering personalized support and guidance throughout the implementation and usage phases, Ivanti Neurons aims to build strong partnerships with its customers, ensuring their success and satisfaction.

  4. Automation-driven efficiency - Ivanti Neurons strongly emphasizes automation opportunities, streamlining processes, and improving overall efficiency. 

  5. Cost-effective solution - Some users have noted Ivanti Neurons as a cost-effective alternative to other similar products. By providing robust capabilities at a competitive price point, Ivanti aims to offer value for money, allowing organizations to achieve their IT Service Management goals without incurring high licensing costs or additional expenses for customizations.

Considering InvGate Service Desk as an ITSM solution alternative



While ServiceNow and Ivanti Neurons are prominent players in the ITSM industry, exploring alternative solutions that may better suit your organization's specific requirements is crucial. In this context, InvGate Service Desk presents as a compelling alternative that merits your attention. Let's examine some of the highly advantageous features of InvGate Service Desk that make it a worthy consideration.

1. Robust Ticketing and Incident Management


InvGate Service Desk excels in its powerful capabilities for Ticketing and Incident Management. It facilitates efficient tracking, collaboration, and resolution of tickets, empowering IT teams to manage and prioritize incidents effectively. Incident resolution processes are streamlined and efficient through automated routing, customizable workflows, and SLA Management.

2. Comprehensive reporting and analytics

InvGate Service Desk's customizable dashboard view.

InvGate Service Desk provides comprehensive reporting and analytics functionality, enabling organizations to gain valuable insights into their IT operations and performance. The platform offers pre-built reports and dashboards and the flexibility to create custom reports. These features IT teams to analyze data, identify trends, and make informed decisions for service improvement.

3. Cost-effective solution

InvGate Service Desk provides a cost-effective solution without compromising functionality. It offers a robust set of ITSM features and capabilities at a competitive price point, making it an attractive option for organizations seeking a balance between affordability and functionality compared to alternatives like ServiceNow and Ivanti Neurons.

4. User-friendly and intuitive interface


InvGate Service Desk offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless navigation for both IT teams and end-users. The streamlined design and intuitive workflows guarantee a smooth user experience, reducing the learning curve for new users.

5. Self-Service capabilities


InvGate Service Desk includes robust self-service capabilities, such as a user-friendly self-service portal, an extensive IT service catalog, and a knowledge base. These features empower end-users to find answers to common issues independently, access a wide range of IT services, and leverage self-help resources, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced strain on IT teams.

6. Customization and flexibility


InvGate Service Desk offers a high degree of customization and flexibility. The platform can be easily configured and adapted to align with specific IT processes and business requirements, delivering a personalized ITSM experience.

7. Comprehensive Asset Management

InvGate Service Desk is a fit-for-purpose Service Desk solution with integrated Asset Management. It allows organizations to track and manage their IT assets throughout their lifecycle effectively. The platform includes IT Asset Discovery, Inventory Management, Software License Management, and maintenance scheduling features.

8. AI-Powered features

InvGate Service Desk leverages AI-powered features such as AI-Improved Responses and Support Assist. AI Responses employs AI to assist agents in responding to tickets, saving time and improving the quality of customer interactions. Support Assist utilizes machine learning algorithms to automate ticket categorization and routing, enhancing the efficiency of Ticket Management. 

Next steps

Selecting the appropriate ITSM solution is a pivotal choice that can significantly influence your organization's IT service delivery and overall performance. Dedicating sufficient time to assess and evaluate your options thoroughly is essential, ensuring that the chosen solution aligns with your specific needs and objectives. 

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