ITSM Tools Comparison: Top 5 Service Desk Software Alternatives

Celeste Mottesi October 14, 2022
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Choosing service desk software is not an easy task. It usually takes months (if not years) to settle down on a solution, and a considerable amount of that time is spent gathering information on the different options out there. But since this data is scattered throughout the internet, we decided to create the ultimate ITSM tools comparison blog post.

Deciding on a new help desk — whether it's your first time or you're planning a migration — has the potential to impact your company on several levels. For once, it will affect the way things are done. But it'll also act on your budget, use of time, and the quality of your IT support, to name a few.

There are a number of switching barriers to consider before acquiring help desk software, as well as some fears that might be holding you back. But trust us with this: most of these solve by themselves if you choose the right ITSM tool.

How do we know? Because we've been helping clients around the world for years now to implement InvGate Service Desk, and we've seen first-hand their troubles disappear.

That experience also gave us an understanding of business needs and pain points. And based on that, we created these ITSM tool comparisons so that you can spend less time putting your report card together.


But first, InvGate Service Desk

Did you think we were going to forget about our own product? That wouldn't be even possible since it's the main service desk alternative in the market.

InvGate Service Desk provides an intuitive UX to manage IT support, and is easily scalable to adapt both to your company's growth and the expansion of the platform to other areas of your company, such as HR.

InvGate Service Desk is an on-premise and cloud-based service desk software that offers a complete set of ITIL-aligned features to help you streamline your ITSM processes.


Furthermore, we offer on-premise and cloud-based options, a complete set of ITIL-aligned features to help you streamline your ITSM process, and all these other benefits:

But since we don't want you to just take our word for it, we added InvGate Service Desk to all the following ITSM tools comparisons, so you can see for yourself how it performs against the (other) top help desk software.


ITSM tools comparison: alternatives to the top 5 service desk software

This post is intended to be a one-stop shop with all the possible ITSM tool comparisons you might need during your research. We organized the information based on a list of features that any service desk software must have. This way, we can help you choose the right service desk solution for your IT or Enterprise Service Management efforts.

Before we start, make sure to bookmark this entry and check it periodically to find new comparisons!

ServiceNow alternatives

If you're looking to compare ServiceNow with other alternatives in the market, make sure you check the following post:

Zendesk alternatives

If Zendesk is your first choice, then these service desk software comparisons might come in handy:

Freshdesk alternatives

Want to see how Freshdesk performs against its main competitors? Then this is for you:

ManageEngine alternatives

If you're looking for ManageEngine alternatives, we also got you covered. The following blog entry is for you:

Zoho Desk alternatives

Lastly, for those of you who are researching Zoho Desk, you might want to check out the following help desk software comparison:

Key takeaways

If you were given the task of researching service desk solutions, we want you to know we're here for you. We know it's hard to do, but we trust this ITSM tools comparison listing is a good place to start.

With just a quick look, you can get an idea of where different solutions stand according to:

  • User experience
  • Ticket management
  • Knowledge management
  • Statistics and metrics
  • ITIL alignment
  • Pricing
  • Implementation and support
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Integration with asset management
  • Other integrations

And if you think this is where we draw the line, let us tell you that you're mistaken. We have plenty of resources for you to explore regarding your ITSM implementation project plan, your service desk migration process and basic setup, and even a free ITSM implementation checklist.

Plus, we have a great support team to guide you through the whole process! If you don't believe us, you can ask them yourself. Just schedule a call with our team (with no strings attached).

There's only one thing we can't do for you, though. And that is actually telling you what help desk software fits best for your company. That depends on your situation, budget, needs, and staff, and you're the best judge for that.

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