Optimizing Your CMDB: Best Practices and Expert Advice from Allen Dixon

Kimberly Yánez August 3, 2023
- 8 min read

On the 62nd Episode of Ticket Volume, our IT podcast, Allen Dixon drew from his extensive experience in Configuration Management to guide us through the intricacies of building a robust Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Allen's insights are invaluable as he shares what truly matters during the building process. 

He emphasizes the significance of clean and valuable data, highlights the importance of effective communication with customers, and clarifies the distinction between a CMDB and an inventory. Moreover, he sheds light on the pivotal role a CMDB plays in Change Management, showcasing its true potential.

Dixon is not just an ITIL-trained professional with over two decades of IT experience across diverse industries. He's a passionate individual dedicated to IT Service Management (ITSM) and implementing ITIL processes. Allen's expertise has even earned him a spot as a valued contributor to the renowned book "VeriSM: Unwrapped and Applied." Recently, he was also recognized by DB Shanker, the esteemed Head of Regional Service and Operations Management for the Americans.

So, if you're ready to dive deep into the world of CMDBs and uncover opportunities for future improvements, be sure to catch the full episode featuring Dixon. 

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Diving in CMDB best practices

Dixon started by highlighting the significance of taking a measured approach when embarking on a CMDB journey. Instead of aiming for perfection right from the start, he advises starting small and focusing on gathering valuable information. This pragmatic approach allows for gradual growth and ensures that the CMDB evolves organically.

A crucial aspect of a robust CMDB lies in the accuracy and reliability of the data it contains. Having accurate and trustworthy data in the Configuration Management Database is crucial for building trust with engineers and users. When the data stored in the CMDB is reliable, it can be used to make informed decisions, troubleshoot issues, and plan for changes effectively. 

Therefore, Dixon explained the value of leveraging automated tools like Lansweeper to consistently capture information, even in intangible workspaces. Relying on such tools means that organizations can maintain a trustworthy and up-to-date CMDB, fostering trust among engineers and users alike.



"The moment that an engineer sees a piece of data that's incorrect, they will never trust the CMDB again. That's how important it is to have the data correct because if it doesn't match with their spreadsheet and what they have confirmed to be right, they won't believe anything else. Whether it's about an application, a document, a location, or anything else, the data in the CMDB has to be automated, correct, and trustworthy."

Allen Dixon
Regional Head of Service and Operations Management Americas
Episode 62 of Ticket Volume


Managing IT assets and Change Management effectively is another area where a well-built CMDB shines. Dixon emphasized the need for clean and precise data about assets and their interconnected relationships. Such information empowers organizations to identify the potential impact of changes on applications and services, enabling more informed decision-making.

However, Dixon acknowledged the challenges that organizations face in establishing a comprehensive and effective CMDB. Many setups struggle due to inadequate management and resource allocation. Overcoming these hurdles requires a focus on user-friendliness and readability of CMDB data. When presenting information in a digestible manner tailored to different user groups, organizations are going to maximize the value derived from the CMDB.

Changes to come and AI challenges

Looking ahead, Dixon explored the exciting opportunities that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) bring to the CMDB space. Leveraging AI can enhance discovery, governance, and data presentation, streamlining the CMDB process and improving overall efficiency.

His key message is not to be afraid to start small.




"You may not need the full warranty information right out of the gate. So start with the absolute valuable stuff that you have to have, and then you can grow from there. You can always grow. You're trying to wrap your hands around that beast, you know, at the very beginning. You're going to basically get frustrated and you're going to wind up, at best, with a partial inventory with a bunch of data points. And that's not what a CMDB is."

Allen Dixon
Regional Head of Service and Operations Management Americas
Episode 62 of Ticket Volume


In the realm of Change Management, Dixon advocated for simplification and agility. For instance, eliminating unnecessary meetings and streamlining approval processes to expedite decision-making and implementation. This agile approach aligns with the evolving nature of the business landscape and enables organizations to adapt swiftly to change.

Dixon concluded by introducing the Digital Transformation Fundamentals certification, which aims to break down barriers between IT and other business departments. This comprehensive certification provides step-by-step guidance for organizations of all sizes, facilitating a seamless and successful digital transformation journey.

After exploring the essential elements of a successful CMDB and providing practical guidance for organizations seeking to enhance their configuration management processes, these CMDB best practices will transform your IT operations:

  • Start small and focus on gathering valuable information
  • Leverage automated tools for accurate data capture
  • Manage IT assets and change management effectively
  • Overcome challenges by prioritizing user-friendliness and readability of CMDB data
  • Embrace automation and AI for enhanced discovery, governance, and data presentation
  • Simplify and streamline change management processes for agility

Bottom line

This is just a summary of Ticket Volume's episode featuring Allen Dixon. Be sure to listen to the full discussion with Matt Beran to learn more about CMDB's best practices. Dixon's expertise and insights shed light on the best practices for building a successful CMDB. From starting small and focusing on valuable information to embracing automation and agility, organizations can leverage these practices to unlock the full potential of their CMDB and drive digital transformation.

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