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Kimberly Yánez

IT Content Writer and Editor

6 Steps to Implement an Employee Experience Strategy

Employee experience strategy is designing and implementing an integrated set of activities, initiatives, and programs that collectively create a positive and productive work environment.

The Ultimate Guide to Improve Employee Experience

When we talk about Experience Management, we mean using data collected...

Organizing Support with an Email Ticketing System

Organizing IT support can be challenging, especially if you rely on email...

People-First Culture is Here: Enterprises Looking to Build Out Experience Management Programs

In today's IT industry, customer experience is often lauded as essential...

How to Write a Good Knowledge Base Article? Marketers Share Tips to Create Effective Content

If you're tasked with writing knowledge base articles, you might wonder...

InvGate was back at Service Management World 2022

From November 12th to 16th, we returned once again to Service Management...

Tammy Ward and Niko Miller's Tips to Implement a People-first Culture in Your IT Teams

It's no secret that IT teams are often considered the "anti-people"...

Microsoft's Basic Authentication is Being Deprecated: Alternatives and Measures in InvGate's Products

If you're still using Microsoft’s Basic Authentication (Basic Auth),...

Brian Skramstad on Implementing Problem Management for Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to problem management, many businesses focus on automating...

David Cannon on the Future of ITIL: Is the Framework Falling Behind?

ITIL is the world's most widely used IT Service Management (ITSM)...

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