InvGate Recognized in The 2024 Gartner’s Market Guide For ITSM Platforms

Celeste Mottesi December 21, 2023
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The IT Consulting and Research firm Gartner recently published the first edition of their 2024 Market Guide for IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms. InvGate Service Desk was recognized as one of the representative vendors.

The document, created by analysts Rich Doheny and Chris Matchett, aims to provide organizations with a thorough understanding of the industry, and help them better comprehend how ITSM can be aligned with their business objectives.

Regarding ITSM, the experts observed that these solutions are essential to providing integrated IT services. But they noted that the tools’ adaptability to help multiple business areas varies widely. In this context, the authors underlined InvGate Service Desk’s ease of use, workflow features, and agent productivity capabilities that adapt to IT and beyond.

Ariel Gesto, CEO and Founder of InvGate, highlighted the importance of this recognition to the product and the teams that work on it daily.

Keep reading to see the main takeaways of the analysis.

What are Gartner Market Guides?

Gartner Market Guides are comprehensive analyses performed by expert researchers at the firm. They provide organizations valuable insights and recommendations on multiple industries, such as Analytics, Marketing, IT, and Communications.

As stated by the firm, their primary purpose is to help readers “understand how the status of an emerging market aligns to [their] future plans,” as well as give “a broad view of many markets, including mature and smaller markets, in an easy-to-read format.”

Criteria to include IT Service Management tools

The Market Guide for IT Service Management Platforms analyzes the ITSM market in general and the tool ecosystem that "enables organizations to design, automate, plan, manage, report on and deliver integrated IT services and related digital experiences."

Among the must-have capabilities considered in this market, the firm highlights:

In addition, Gartner also contemplates non-mandatory capabilities like AI, Case Management, a graphical process designer for workflows, and digital employee experience.

Key findings of Gartner’s analysis

According to the analysts, ITSM solutions "maintain a critical role in helping I&O leaders enable, automate, manage, and deliver integrated IT services."

They also observed that since this market is mature, "much of its core functionality is commoditized," making it difficult to perceive differences among products in plain sight.

In addition, the report also points out that, even though artificial intelligence and machine learning are not new to this space, they have been embedded in most ITSM processes.

Lastly, experts mentioned that while an Enterprise Service Management approach is a common claim across vendors, the tools' adaptability and feature adoption vary widely.

InvGate Service Desk on Gartner’s Market Guide for IT Service Management Platforms

With all these in mind, Gartner analysts decided to include InvGate Service Desk among the market's top IT Service Management platforms, along with 18 other solutions.

This recognition endorses our continued efforts to provide a fit-for-purpose ITSM tool that helps organizations worldwide to provide high-quality service both in and out of the IT department.



"Gartner is an undisputed reference in the IT industry, and is consulted by thousands of organizations around the world when making business decisions. Their recognition of InvGate Service Desk is a huge endorsement of the product and the daily work of our teams."

Ariel Gesto
CEO and Founder of InvGate


In particular, the analysis states that our strategy “is aimed at creating solutions that help companies modernize their operations quickly and efficiently.” Furthermore, it praises InvGate Service Desk’s card-style UI for navigating work and agent productivity features, including time tracking and gamification.

To complement this, the firm mentions our add-ons for discovery, Asset Management, and remote desktop, as well as the non-IT workflow extensions. 

The latter refers to the ESM approach with which InvGate Service Desk has been designed right from the start. And enumerates HR, Facilities, Security Operations, Legal Management, Contract Management, Finance Management, Customer Service Management, and Field Service Management as areas that can be onboarded into the tool.

Lastly, the analysis calls attention to the product's Generative AI capabilities, which were developed leveraging OpenAI and Azure OpenAI Services. These consist of the features Support Assist and AI Responses, which help agents categorize tickets based on the instance’s previous activity and reply to tickets.

In conclusion

The Gartner Market Guide for IT Service Management Platforms is an established publication that organizations value for its level of analysis and recommendations. Businesses frequently resort to this material to be guided into multiple markets.

With this in mind, it’s vital to underline the relevance and accuracy of the analysts’ conclusions, which point to the essential position of ITSM solutions to deliver services but warn about them not being entirely adaptable beyond the IT department.

Being included in such a report not only validates the work and effort we do at InvGate every day to provide a robust solution for businesses worldwide but also endorses the approach to ESM we had right from the start.

This recognition confirms that we're on the right path and propels us to develop our 2024 strategy to deepen the capabilities highlighted in it.

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