Service Desk Gamification: The Basics

InvGate April 3, 2012
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Learn how to drive adoption of new processes, improving team collaboration and overall boosting service and support levels.

The recent release of InvGate Service Desk introduced some “game” changing functionality. Literally! This new feature is Gamification. In layman’s terms, what this means is we have applied game mechanics to Service Desk to make it even more engaging and collaborative.

The Gamification features in Service Desk provide the framework for an IT Manager to reward and motivate staff with virtual or tangible incentives that are awarded for completing support oriented tasks. These incentives are awarded to an individual or group on completing tasks, or Quests, that contribute to the overall operational success of the group.

It’s important to become familiar with the lexicon associated with the elements of Gamification. Many of the terms seem to have more in common with a games convention, than a service desk environment, but these terms can easily be applied to a task centric, IT service desk.

Quest = A target or goal set by the business which has a specific reward. This could be for an individual contribution for completing a task, or a team/department contribution comprising of many parts.

Progressive Quests = A way to keep users engaged and motivated by ensuring they have completed all assigned Quests before they can “level up” and move on to the next.

Badge = A badge can be awarded for any achievement or in recognition of an individual’s contribution to the business. Awarding a badge could be used as an incentive to get defined Quests completed quickly.

Personal Profile = Assigned to each user it is the personal scorecard of awards and points accumulated for completed Quests.

Leader Board = Encourages team dynamics and adds a competitive element.  The leader board can be used to show the relative performance of each group member.

Incentive = Individuals or teams can be rewarded with tangible or intangible items to encourage engagement and maintain motivation.

Administrators can set multiple Quests for each member of their team. They then work towards completing the defined Quests.  You determine what you want to give as incentives, what behavioral changes you want to nurture, and what goals you want to set and measure using these incentives and rewards.

This short video shows  Gamification in action.

The Results?

It’s still early days, but our customers have reported measurable improvements since implementing Gamification. In one example the performance metric of service desk technicians doubled in four weeks from 3.5 to 8 as the technicians worked on increasing their performance metric score.

There is no doubt that when staff are motivated by Quests and rewarded for their efforts, they are more engaged and significantly more productive. What does this mean for the service desk? It translates into; higher levels of service, faster response times, increased team productivity, more collaboration and measurable visibility into the value IT delivers.

This short video provides an incite into the principles of Gamification in Action.

What are your thoughts on Gamification?


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