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8 Trends for the IT Service Desk in 2022

The corporate IT service desk is presently in a “perfect storm” for change, or, more precisely, in the “perfect storm” for the need to change. So much has happened that both adds pressure and offers opportunities to improve in the last few years ...

What is a Digital Workplace? An IT Definition

The last couple of years have accelerated the global adoption of digital workplaces. Many organizations and companies have gone completely remote, and at least a few are expected to continue this ...

Best Microsoft Teams Apps for Collaboration

Microsoft teams is one of the most popular communication tools used by companies, organizations, and educational institutions across the world. Its simple and sleek interface is easy to use and ...

WIIFM - A key tool for change managers

The first rule of change management is that people don't like to change, and anyone involved in managing a major change will tell you this is all too true. Wiifm is an acronym which stands for What ...

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