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Steve Manjaly

Steve is a tech writer with an unhealthy obsession with smart gadgets. He loves tech and loves writing about it. Trained as a biotechnology engineer, he is into UI/UX design, product development, and IoT. During his free time, he enjoys a good game of ping pong.
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Service Desk KPI: Defining IT Agent Performance

  A key performance indicator, or KPI, is a metric (of your designation) that will help you determine whether your help desk is working correctly or if it could use a tune-up. KPIs are important because they allow you to establish and track metrics ...

5 Examples of How Gamification Can Improve Your Results

Gamification has become a go-to tool to improve participation and engagement in many contexts. Education is a big one: apps like Duolingo use game elements such as badges, streaks, and leaderboards ...

Considering Using a Free Service Desk Software? Read This First

Gladly’s customer service report from 2020 suggests that 84% of customers will spend way more with a brand that delivers personalized customer care. And companies all over the world have started ...

Strategies to Secure a Digital Workplace

Digital workplace solutions have played a huge role in streamlining the shift to remote work. It has improved the employee experience and organizational productivity and made work-from-home almost as ...

Key Benefits & Risks of the Digital Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed all of our perceptions of what defines a workplace. It’s not a place where you go every day; waking up every morning, catching the bus, reaching the ...

Automated Employee Onboarding: Benefits & Best Practices

The employee onboarding process plays a crucial role in a company’s growth, whether it be a budding start-up or an established MNC. The onboarding process is the first time a new employee gets a feel ...

How to Reduce IT Security Risk With IT Asset Management

The opportunities and benefits from an increasingly connected world also present their own unique set of challenges to cybersecurity. The increasing popularity of remote work as well as reliance on ...

What is a Digital Workplace? An IT Definition

The last couple of years have accelerated the global adoption of digital workplaces. Many organizations and companies have gone completely remote, and at least a few are expected to continue this ...

Best Microsoft Teams Apps for Collaboration

Microsoft teams is one of the most popular communication tools used by companies, organizations, and educational institutions across the world. Its simple and sleek interface is easy to use and ...

How HR Can Use Microsoft Teams for Employee Engagement

HR professionals all over the world are constantly striving to improve employee engagement and productivity. With more organizations moving to a fully remote or hybrid working model, they have an ...

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