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Steve Manjaly

Steve is a tech writer with an unhealthy obsession with smart gadgets. He loves tech and loves writing about it. Trained as a biotechnology engineer, he is into UI/UX design, product development, and IoT. During his free time, he enjoys a good game of ping pong.
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Wireshark: an Open-Source Packet Capture Tool

Wireshark is one of the most popular network packet analyzers available. It has been embraced by network admins worldwide and has become one of the essential network troubleshooting tools ...

What is Ansible: The DevOps Tool to Automate IT Tasks

Redhat Ansible is one of the most popular automation platforms in the IT...

Help Desk Software for Healthcare: Must-have Features and Challenges

Over the last decade, hospitals and healthcare organizations have...

Quick Beginners Tutorial to PowerShell ISE

Since its introduction, Windows PowerShell ISE has become one of the...

14 Network Troubleshooting Tools Network Administrators Can't Work Without

Solving network issues is one of the main aspects of a network admin’s job...

Building a Help Desk for a School

Even though recent events pushed things forward, schools were already well...

How to Use the Ping Command for Network and Troubleshooting

The ping command is one of network admins' most commonly used tools. It...

An Introduction to VeriSM

VeriSM is one of the latest among the many different ITSM frameworks and...

Active Directory: Everything you Always Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Microsoft Active Directory is one of the most popular directory services....

Business Continuity Planning for Your Small and Medium-Sized Company

Creating a business plan is hard in itself, but keeping it during a crisis...

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