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How to Manage Change and Safeguard Against Human Error

“To err is human.” The possibility of human error is everywhere. However thoroughly a roll-out is planned, however fool-proof an update, however tightly-run a deployment strategy, any business that involves humans is going to carry a certain ...

Support Assist: Introducing New Machine Learning Capabilities to Service Desk

During InvGate’s presentation at SupportWorld Live 2022, we are proud to introduce Support Assist, our AI engine that enhances the support capabilities of service desks for all types of businesses ...

InvGate Insight Try-It-Yourself Online Demo

It's one thing to watch a video demo, and yet another to try a tool yourself. If you're on the lookout for a top-of-the-line, comprehensive IT Asset Management solution, the new free-to-use InvGate ...

InvGate Workflows: Plan Tasks in One Step, Execute in Another

A new feature in InvGate Service Desk has been added to the workflow engine. This feature will help teams coordinate semi-structured work where planning the work occurs during one stage of the ...

What to Look For in a Mobile Help Desk

The mobile experience will only continue to develop. It started in the early aughts, but honestly, the writing was on the wall when someone made a killing selling an app that simulated drinking a ...

Enterprise Service Management Features in InvGate Service Desk

Expanding Service Management features to other departments in your organization is no small undertaking. Some of the biggest changes your teams will undergo include how work is received, routed and ...

Video Demo: Using InvGate Service Desk to Build a Workflow for HR

Enterprise Service Management, the application of ITSM principles and best practices to other parts of the organization, is gaining a lot of traction these days; the smart implementation of ITSM ...

InvGate Service Desk Receives PinkVERIFY™ ITIL 4® Certification

  Service Desk 7, the latest version of InvGate’s Service Desk ITSM solution, has been announced as one of only 10 applications to pass the PinkVERIFY™ ITIL 4® assessment.

Remotely Connect With Users' Computers With InvGate Insight

Solving people’s problems is a noble cause, but it can get tricky. End users may need a more hands-on approach to solve some of their requests or they might be having trouble explaining exactly ...

Interact with InvGate Service Desk from Microsoft Teams

People use all sorts of devices on a daily basis. Those devices are full of open tabs, running apps and our attention can only go so far. After setting up a great service catalog with all the time ...

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