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What You Need to Know About ITIL 4’s Organizational Change Management Practice

Have you ever stopped to wonder why the very diligent implementation of new technology – to time, cost, and quality – doesn’t deliver the expected benefits? IT self-service capabilities are ...

Change Enablement and Release Management During the Post-COVID-19 Return to Offices

Much was written about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on IT service...

10 Habits That Will Improve Your ITIL 4 Change Enablement Practice

Change enablement (or change management if you’re using ITIL v3 best...

Change Advisory Board: 10 Tips for success

Change advisory boards (CABs) exist to ensure that all business-affecting...

How to prepare for a Change Freeze

There will be a number of times throughout the year when it’s in the best...

Panning for Golden Insights from the Historical Backlog

On the surface, determining the status of your service desk historical...

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