How Can License Management Software Save Your Company Money

InvGate June 3, 2011
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Cutting down costs in IT architecture seems more possible now with constant innovation in web and software technologies, particularly with the advancement of license management software. Collectively referred to as IT management software, license management software brings a new solution to the decades-old problem of inefficient and, at times, erratic IT infrastructure.

Moreover, the thing that may be surprising in an IT management tool, such as license management software, is that it can help companies save money. It does not matter if you have a small/medium-size enterprise or a large business. But the question is how this tool can become a money-saver. Here are some points to ponder:

It can centrally organize and deploy multiple licenses

Imagine purchasing several software licenses just to comply with the law in software license procurement. You are left with hundreds of unmanaged and scattered licenses. And what makes it worse is when it’s time to deploy them to several machines.

Installing licenses to numerous computers without a central repository and automated system is tiring and prone to human error. Your problem does not stop there – what if your company has five or more departments? With a license management solution, all your licenses are stored in a central database.

Organizing and deploying them will be more efficient. Also, you can't go wrong with license management software as it can eliminate duplicate and unused licenses. This way, over-licensing would be removed from your system. Thus, saving your company money when it’s time to renew the licenses.

It can track licenses to minimize or avoid risks

An IT management tool that delivers almost risk-free maintenance of automated licensing updates is a feature that is worth looking for in license management software. What makes it money-saving is that it lessens the cost of probable penalties if programs are not up-to-date and the licenses have expired, and you want to comply with the software licenses agreement. Usually, license management solutions are equipped with a software metering system, which makes it more convenient and cost-effective.

License management software requires less user training and maintenance

This type of IT management solution is practically so easy to use. Its users will not go through extensive training. If the software includes a user-friendly interface, then this is a call for less handiwork and configurations. Integrations of other systems and applications (such as software metering) can also help alleviate costs as this requires a little manpower to monitor the whole platform.

Think about the less cost of labor and training. This makes license management software money-wise.

Complications in business processes can be solved with the right IT management software. But by using license management software, your company can also save money. It’s just like hitting two birds with one stone.

For more information about the efficiency of license management software, please go to InvGate’s IT Licensing Management section.

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