What's New With InvGate: June Updates

Ignacio Graglia June 7, 2024
- 6 min read

 Staying informed with the updates made to our solutions is the best way to make sure you are getting the most of them. And, to help with exactly this, we have put together all the new functions incorporated into InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Insight during April and May!

A small sneak peek before we get started: we redesigned interfaces, simplified processes, added new integrations to InvGate Insight, and delved deeper into our no-code philosophy.

Let’s get into it.

 sd-iconInvGate Service Desk 

New InvGate Service Desk No-Code Workflow Builder



Starting off, we launched InvGate Service Desk’s New No-Code Workflow Builder, offering a more intuitive function to users that still maintains its wide range of capabilities. 

This allows you to create, modify, and automate workflows in just a few minutes, in a much simpler way and without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Plus, the pre-defined templates help teams streamline Workflow Management by avoiding having to start from scratch.

The update contains three significant differentiators:

  • Reduced learning curve: Intuitive new design and configuration capabilities that make it easier for users to build and manage workflows, reducing the technical knowledge required.
  • Improved UX/UI: A more intuitive design to visualize your processes and interdependencies while building them.
  • Simplified configuration tools: New features to reduce the time and effort required to manage your workflows.

 Insight IconInvGate Insight 

New Software Deployment Capability: No-code software installation

This change to InvGate Insight also focuses on a no-code improvement, but applied to software deployment. Prior to this update, InvGate Insight users could already perform this task using scripts, which is great for more experienced technicians as they can implement highly customized actions. 

However, with this new functionality, teams can not only install but also uninstall software across multiple devices in less time with just a few clicks and directly from the company’s repository.

New collaboration integrations

In order to further foster communication collaboration with other IT Service Management (ITSM) platforms, we have incorporated two exciting integrations: ServiceNow and Jira Service Management. 

InvGate Insight-ServiceNow integration



We're thrilled to announce InvGate Insight’s integration with ServiceNow! This enables users to seamlessly sync incident, request, and change details from ServiceNow into InvGate Insight. 

And, vice versa, within the ITSM tool they will be able to get access to their asset’s details for more robust resolution capabilities.

This link helps to ensure IT teams have consistent and centralized information, without having to go back and forth from platforms, optimizing time and resources, and improving overall service times and quality. 

Jira Service Management

We have also added the InvGate Insight and Jira Service Management integration, a huge advantage for teams already using this ITSM solution. This collaboration enables you to view asset information from InvGate Insight within the Jira instance.

With it, they will have access to the assets’ information within the Jira Service Management solution, improving their work and avoiding having to work with their ITSM and ITAM platforms separately.

New integration with virtual machines: VMware

We know how much time it takes to download agents for temporary virtual machines. And we also know that, in some cases, due to internal policies, that's not even possible.

That’s why we've launched an integration with VMware, our first integration with hypervisors for the Discovery Sources feature in InvGate Insight. This includes a comprehensive asset profile for servers with ESXi, automatically adding and displaying relevant information about all virtual machines managed by it.

But that’s not all. We are currently working on a Hyper-V integration as well, so stay tuned!

Improved record activity logs 

Finally, from now on, with more robust record activity logs, you can record activities, track changes, and identify potential issues, providing increased traceability and security.

InvGate Insight logs more actions and events into its system, including tags, user interactions, authentication, and permission changes, providing a comprehensive activity log for enhanced oversight and accountability. 

With these improved activity logs, you can track who changed permissions, properties, and more, thereby ensuring accountability within IT teams.

Final thoughts

We are excited about the level of improvement we achieved in the last few months and even more excited about the ones we are working on. That’s it for now! Stay tuned for new features and releases. 

Remember to contact our support team or your dedicated partner if you have any questions. And if you haven’t implemented InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Insight already, come on board. Grab the 30-day free trial and test them!

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