What's New With InvGate: September Updates

Melisa Wrobel September 5, 2023
- 5 min read


We start September with some exciting news and brand new functionalities for both of our products, InvGate Service Desk and Insight. Fasten your seatbelt because you’re about to see some serious improvements in user experience, workflows, security, Data Management, and more.

In particular, we’ll introduce you to:

Let’s get into details!

sd-icon InvGate Service Desk

Workflow stage assignments

Because we know efficient workflows make the foundation of a well-functioning service desk, we are always looking for ways to improve them and their customization possibilities.  

Up from version 7.57.0, you will be able to assign all workflow stages to specific users or help desks. With this update in place, you can assign a person responsible for each step of the flow, thus preventing unassigned requests in reports and ensuring that all requests are routed to the agent responsible for each stage.

Enhanced user safety

As for security, we have incorporated new measures to address the risks posed by external links. It's quite common that users click on a link unaware that it will take them to an outside website.

In order to address this, every time a user clicks on an external link in a knowledge base article, request, or a comment in requests, the tool will now display an informational pop-up showing the URL you are being directed to. This way, users are alerted before navigating to unknown pages and can make an informed decision prior to proceeding.


Privacy customization

Although you can find applicable privacy policy standards across industries, there are still a multiplicity of them – and the extent to which they govern company practices also differs.

So, to provide our users with enough flexibility to address this situation, InvGate Service Desk now allows them to set a default privacy mode for comments across all requests (version 7.57.0 onwards). 

This has a double benefit. On the one hand, if you’re able to choose that all comments are labeled as internal by default, you can avoid sending all users involved in a ticket a private message that was supposed to be seen only by agents. On the other hand, and regardless of your default choice, you can further align your ITSM practice with your organization's communication policies.

insight-icon InvGate Insight

New Software Compliance feature

InvGate Insight’s Software Compliance module combines data from the contracts logged on your instance with the reported software usage.

Now it’s InvGate Insight’s turn to shine, starting with enhanced software compliance capabilities. Up until now, you could use InvGate Insight to manage software contract licenses, access their financial information, and track both the total number of licenses you possess and how many of those are currently in use. However, you needed to work a bit with this information to be able to pull out some conclusions.

But those times are long gone with the new Software Compliance feature. From version 1.114, it will bring all those insights together into a single view, so that you can:

  • Monitor and control software installation and usage within your organization. 
  • Maintain a record of acquired licenses.
  • Ensure that the number of installations matches the purchased licenses.
  • Guarantee that only authorized software is being used, and that it’s in compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in the licenses.


SCIM integration

Last but not least, InvGate Insight 1.114 also incorporated System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) integrations with Okta and with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure Active Directory) With this new update, you can now perform user provisioning and authentication directly from your Identity and Access Management tools.

And that’s it for this month! Remember, if you have any further questions about these updates or anything else regarding our products, you can always contact our support team or your dedicated partner. They’re always keen to help out in whatever you need!

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