Launching Software Deployment Capabilities on InvGate Insight

Celeste Mottesi November 23, 2023
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If you are in charge of managing IT assets in your organization, you probably know that software deployment is non-negotiable. One could say that it ranks very close to having a unified inventory and being able to manage it right from your IT Asset Management tool.

Well, InvGate Insight did all that perfectly, and now it closes the circle of must-have features with the addition of the first release of its software deployment capabilities!

From version 1.117, you can run scripts on multiple devices to deploy software applications, enhancing your remote IT support offering and contributing to keeping your business safe from outdated software.

Keep reading to discover how it works!



Why do you need software deployment?

The deployment of software guarantees that all applications and systems are correctly installed across organizations. It allows you to simultaneously install, configure, and update software across multiple devices.

Thus, software deployment helps companies improve the quality of their tech stack, aids in cost control, and increases IT security. Through a unified approach, it reinforces operating systems with robust security configurations and ensures every system remains optimized against vulnerabilities.

To address this challenge, InvGate launched a new script-powered software deployment feature to help you manage software installation across your organization.

Let’s see how it works. 

What is script deployment?

Script software deployment works by deploying, installing, and configuring software on computers or devices using scripts, which are sets of instructions or commands that automate the installation and configuration tasks. These scripts then build up packages that are distributed to multiple devices with the according configuration.

What are the benefits of script software deployment?

Performing software deployment through scripts will allow you to:

  1. Automate the deployment process, increasing consistency, guaranteeing package compatibility, and reducing human error.
  2. Update or install software on multiple devices simultaneously and with just a few clicks.
  3. Schedule those updates to ensure minimal service interruption.
  4. Enhance Vulnerability Management by standardizing and centralizing the patching process.

How does InvGate Insight deploy scripts?

In particular, InvGate Insight’s software deployment feature allows you to tailor your packages according to your organization’s needs and, at the same time, guarantees consistency and reduces human error. 

When deploying software from InvGate Insight, you can either create your own script or choose one from the library, meaning you don’t need coding experience to do so. This library of packages was built to address the most common enterprise software and configuration needs to save you time during the process. 

Then, the Insight Agent is in charge of following the package’s instructions and effectively installing the application. The feature allows you to schedule these deployments and monitor their progress to address any possible issues.

How to deploy software on InvGate Insight

Create and execute a software deployment plan on InvGate Insight.

Now that you know the basics of this feature, let's take a closer look at how to perform software deployment on InvGate Insight for devices with SO Windows.

Deployment requirements

First of all, you’ll need to have your Insight version updated to 1.117 and your Agent to v3.23.1 or higher. In addition, the communication between the Insight server, proxies, and agents must be secured using the HTTPS protocol. Lastly, your devices should have Windows Vista or Server 2008 or higher.

1. Create a new package

 "Package Explorer" section on the InvGate Insight Software Deployment module.

"Package Explorer" section on the InvGate Insight Software Deployment module.

Swipe right to see the "Package Library".

The "Package Library" on the InvGate Insight Software Deployment Module.
The "Package Library" on the InvGate Insight Software Deployment Module.


The first step to deploying software is to create the set of instructions to be performed by the Insight Agent. You can create a new package in two different ways: manually or by using the Package Library.

  • Log in with a user who has the “Manage packages” permission.
  • Navigate to Software >> Deployment.
  • If you don’t have any packages created, you will see the “Add” option to create a package manually and the “Library” option to access the library. 
    • If you click on the “Add” button, you’ll see the package creation module, which should be filled with the information related to this particular package (name, description, notes, and operating systems). It’s important to note that the supported script formats are PS1, CMD, and BAT.
    • If you click “Library,” you’ll see all the preconfigured packages for installation, uninstallation, security, and utilities available.
    • Select the package you need, and click “Add to my packages.”
  • Once added to the instance, the package can be managed the same way as one created manually, and you can make configuration changes through the editing module.

Once the package is created or added, you can go to the “Package Explorer” to view the list of all packages created so far. You can also edit, duplicate, and delete the packages from here.

2. Create a new plan

Now that you have the elements required to deploy, you need to create a deployment plan to perform the task.

To do so, go to Software >> Deployment, click on the “Plans” tab, and then on the icon “+”. Once there, you need to provide a name, description, user responsible for this deployment plan (optional), target assets, package, and schedule details.

You can find and review all your deployment plans under the “Plans Explorer.”

Final notes

With the first release of its software deployment capabilities, InvGate Insight crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s in Asset Management. The final step to truly managing IT assets in an organization is for asset technicians to act on the network devices without physically accessing them.

And even though they could already do that with our remote desktop integrations, adding a script deployment feature lets them perform updates and installations right from InvGate Insight without needing third-party software.

This is particularly relevant to perform tasks such as employee onboarding, automation processes, software updates, and disaster recovery. Now, you can increase efficiency in all of them thanks to being able to automate deployment processes at scale.

If you want to explore this feature further, make sure to contact our Support team or your designated partner. And if you still don’t have InvGate Insight, what are you waiting for? Go grab a 30-day free trial of our software and test it yourself!

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