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Melisa Wrobel

Product Marketing Analyst
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How to Obtain Customer Feedback – And What to do With it

If you're running an IT department, then you know how important it is to obtain customer feedback. Not only does this help ensure that you are meeting your customers' needs, but it also ...

How to Automate Contract Expiration Reminders and Avoid Missing Deadlines

With a large number of contracts constantly in flux, it's easy for any...

How to Build a CMDB: The ABC of a Successful CMDB Implementation

As an organization grows, so does its business and IT infrastructure. The...

Non-IT Asset Inventory: How to Create it and Track Non-IT Assets

The main purpose of ITAM software is to provide you with a complete and...

Support Assist: Machine Learning Capabilities to Help Service Desk Agents

One of InvGate’s guiding principles is to “simplify what is complex;” so,...

What’s New with InvGate: January Updates

2023 brings lots of exciting new features to  and . We’re starting this...

Multiple SLA Policy: Creating SLAs for Different Help Desks

It’s well known in the ITSM world that Service Levels Agreements (SLAs)...

How to Connect On-Premise Services to ITAM Software Without Using a VPN

Typically, when you start using ITAM software, one of the first things to...

How to Manage Employee Returning Equipment During an Offboarding Process

If there's no proper offboarding process in place, organizations can...

What’s New with InvGate: December Updates

At this point, it’s not new that at InvGate, we always keep improving and...

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