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Exploring InvGate Service Desk New Catalog View and Configuration

Discover the latest updates that will improve the way users make their requests.

A New Updated Request View in InvGate Service Desk for a Better Experience

InvGate Service Desk has a brand new Request View to improve our users'...

What is a BPMS (Business Process Management System)?

On this occasion, we’ll talk about something pretty much apropos of our...

The Most Important Features to Look For in Workflow Tools

In our never-ending quest to improve everything about service delivery and...

InvGate Workflows: Plan Tasks in One Step, Execute in Another

A new feature in InvGate Service Desk has been added to the workflow...

Leverage Enterprise Service Management Benefits with Multi-Departmental Communication

While ITSM can be approached in many ways, its core objective is to...

What’s new in InvGate Service Desk 5.6.12?

We start off 2018 with new features to our products! In InvGate Service...

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