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The 14 Most Common Help Desk Tickets and How to Solve Them

A larger part of an agent’s job is ensuring things work as they should. Thus, the most common help desk tickets usually relate to employees’ daily tasks. 

7 Windows Productivity Tips you Can't Live Without

For most working professionals, improving productivity means decluttering...

What Does Tier 3 Help Desk Do? Duties, Skills, and Examples

Tier 3 help desk is the fourth layer in the five levels of IT support. Its...

Support Assist: Machine Learning Capabilities to Help Service Desk Agents

One of InvGate’s guiding principles is to “simplify what is complex;” so,...

9 Ideas to Use ChatGPT for IT Support

ChatGPT is the newest social media sensation. According to Open AI’s...

The Basics of Tier 2 Help Desk

The tier 2 help desk is a key player in the IT support operating model....

The Ultimate Guide to Tier 1 Help Desk: Functions, Responsibilities, and Examples

The tier 1 help desk is one of the most essential aspects of effective IT...

How to get into IT: 5 tips from industry expert Kevtech

So you’re looking to start a career in IT. Good for you! IT jobs have been...

How to Improve your Agents' Performance with an Internal Knowledge Base

It’s common for IT support teams to have one subject matter expert, that...

The Top 10 Tech Books IT Leaders Are Reading Today

In a rapidly changing field like technology, it's essential for IT leaders...

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