IT Help Desk Salaries: A State-by-State Guide For Support Specialists

Jorge Farah April 16, 2024
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Salary ranges are a deciding factor in seeking a job in any industry – and the service desk is no exception. To help you, we put together this thorough state-by-state IT help desk salary guide with the monthly averages for 2024.

The service desk is a common starting point for a career in IT. The job offering is wide, and you can do (and learn) tech-related stuff. But how much do IT support agents make in the US? 

Let's take a look!

2024 IT help desk salaries by state

Here's the chart you've been looking for! Check out the average monthly help desk specialist salaries segmented by US states.

Remember that this corresponds to an average salary in the help desk department. However, salary ranges vary depending on the city, candidate experience, industry, and company size.

State Salary
Alabama $43,000 
Alaska $51,000 
Arizona $46,000 
Arkansas $42,000 
California $55,000 
Colorado  $50,000
Connecticut $53,000 
Delaware  $48,000
Florida  $46,000
Georgia  $46,000
Hawaii  $51,000
Idaho  $45,000
Illinois  $50,000
Indiana $45,000
Iowa $44,000
Kansas $44,000
Kentucky $44,000
Louisiana $44,000
Mayne $46,000
Maryland $52,000
Massachusetts $54,000
Michigan $47,000
Minnesota $49,000
Mississippi $41,000
Missouri $45,000
Montana $44,000
Nebraska $44,000
Nevada $47,000
New Hampshire $51,000
New Jersey $54,000
New Mexico $44,000
New York $54,000
North Carolina $45,000
North Dakota $44,000
Ohio $46,000
Oklahoma $43,000
Oregon $50,000
Pennsylvania $49,000
Rhode Island $51,000
South Carolina $44,000
South Dakota $42,000
Tennessee $44,000
Texas $47,000
Utah $47,000
Vermont $48,000
Virginia $51,000
Washington $53,000
West Virginia $42,000
Wisconsin $47,000
Wyoming $44,000

What does an IT support specialist do?

The help desk technician is the point of contact between the employee and the IT support department. They embody the first level of IT support onwards, depending on their expertise.

IT service desk technician duties

The role is critical to solving IT-related issues as soon as they arise. Their typical day includes the following tasks:

Since this is a customer-facing role, technical support roles must have both hard skills to handle technical complexities and soft skills to communicate efficiently.

Is help desk in high demand?

The help desk is a common entry area for people wanting to start in the IT industry. It requires a certain level of technical knowledge to solve issues but not profound skills (at least at level 1). So, many students or fresh graduates find it an appealing place to start testing their abilities.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field of computer support specialists is expected to grow 5% in the next eight years, which is a faster rate than average. Thus, it is (and will continue to be) in high demand for the next decade or so.

How to create a service desk agent resume?

The first thing to know about your IT resume is that it should help people understand your main skills and experience – but in a way that makes you stand out from other service desk technician candidates.

So, make sure to follow these tips to succeed:

  1. Provide a concise summary of your skills and experience.
  2. Keep it short.
  3. Only include relevant information for the position you're applying to.
  4. Use action words.
  5. List your experiences in a chronological format.
  6. Include any relevant education and certifications you earned.
  7. Add keywords related to the job listing.

Your resume is not your biography; you don't need to list everything you did, just those things that will get you the interview.

Help desk technicians: Frequently asked questions

How much do you get paid on the IT help desk?

Although that depends on your job location, the average help desk salary in the US is $47,120 in 2024.

Does everyone in IT start at the help desk?

Stating that everyone starts at the help desk might be a bit too much, but IT support is a popular place to begin a career in IT.

Is help desk an IT job?

Yes, it is. The IT help desk is the go-to place to solve any technical inquiries and problems in an organization, so analysts need IT-related knowledge to handle them.

What experience do you need for an IT help desk?

The required experience to work in IT support may vary depending on the industry, company, and IT support tier you're applying for. For entry-level positions, you typically need at least an associate degree in an IT-related field to back up your technical knowledge and strong people skills.

Does the help desk require a degree?

Yes. There's a high chance you are required to have an associate or higher-level degree that endorses your technical knowledge.

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