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How to Monitor the Use of Pirated Software Inside the Organization

There are costly outcomes for any organization as a result of not knowing how to monitor pirated software. Hence, detecting it should be part of your internal software audits. 

How to Get Started With Autossh

Autossh is a simple but effective tool for SysAdmins. It maintains an SSH...

5 Reasons Why You Need a Software Asset Management Team

In most organizations, software asset management (SAM) is not given much...

How to Make Sure You're Prepared for a Software Audit

That big software audit you’ve been dreading? Yeah, it’s coming, it’s...

How Can IT Asset Management Software Help Your MSP?

Managed Service Providers or MSPs in asset management, which started as...

7 Patch Management Best Practices

Patch management best practices ensure we do patch deployment effectively...

An Introduction to Patch Management

Patch management is the process of acquiring and applying updates to...

What is Shadow IT and Why Should It Be Avoided?

Shadow IT. Just the name itself sounds spooky, like a ghost is haunting...

Software License Monitoring: Keeping Costs Down Through Vigilance

Software license monitoring is often viewed as a preventative measure...

5 Essential ITAM KPIs You Should Be Tracking

In any organization, IT Asset Management (ITAM) is one of the key...

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