How to Use ITAM Software as Your Equipment Check-Out System? [Video Tutorial]

Brenda Gratas October 25, 2023
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An equipment check-out system is a lifesaver for any organization. This is especially true for sectors like education, healthcare, mining, and construction, where the need to loan and track numerous assets is a priority. But what if there’s a way to take that system even further? 

Utilizing IT Asset Management (ITAM) software as your equipment check-out system brings your organization a whole new level of efficiency and control. A solution like InvGate Insight can help you track and manage all your assets, including equipment, software, and licenses. Combined with InvGate Service Desk, you can also use it to automate your equipment check-out process, making it easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Scroll out to discover the step-by-step process and make equipment check-out a breeze!



What is an equipment checkout system?

An equipment checkout system is a specialized software solution designed to streamline the process of managing and tracking various types of tools, devices, or assets within an organization. Essentially, it serves as a digital ledger for your equipment inventory, providing a structured and efficient way to loan, monitor, and maintain equipment.

The primary function of an equipment checkout system is to automate and simplify the management of equipment throughout its lifecycle.

Its main purpose is to increase efficiency and accountability in managing devices. By implementing it, organizations can achieve several crucial objectives:

  • Resource optimization - An equipment checkout system helps organizations get the most out of their investments by ensuring that items are used effectively and they avoid unnecessary purchases.

  • Cost reduction - Efficient Equipment Management leads to reduced maintenance costs, as proactive maintenance can extend the life of assets and reduce unexpected breakdowns.

  • Higher accountability - With a clear record of who checked out what equipment and when, an equipment checkout system promotes employee accountability and reduces the risk of loss or misuse.

  • Stronger Compliance Management - Organizations can maintain accurate records for compliance purposes and leverage reports for data-driven insights to make informed decisions.

  • Increased productivity - Users can easily locate and access the necessary equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Common features of check-in and check-out inventory systems

Check-in and check-out inventory systems share several features designed to streamline the tracking and management of assets. These features provide the foundation for efficient Asset Management. Here is a list of typical functionalities:

  1. Inventory Management - They offer tools for maintaining an organized inventory and recording asset details, such as serial numbers, purchase dates, and locations.
    Example of how InvGate Insight displays the consolidated IT inventory data.
  2. Automated asset tracking - These systems enable organizations to track their assets throughout their lifecycle, including hardware, software, and other resources. It can be done through different ways, like QR codes.

    You can track hardware and non-IT assets by using QR codes for Asset Management.
  3. Check-out/Check-in - Users can easily check out assets for use and check them back in when finished, maintaining a clear record of asset movement and availability.

  4. Alerts and reminders - Users can set up automated alerts (such as Asset Health Rules) and reminders for asset maintenance, renewals, or other critical actions.
    Example of the IT asset health rules view on InvGate Insight.
  5. Security and compliance - They often include features to identify security vulnerabilities and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

  6. Reporting and analytics - These systems generate reports and offer analytics tools to provide insights into asset performance, compliance, and cost optimization.

Example of a software license report on InvGate Insight.


Using ITAM software for equipment check-in and out

While there are specialized systems designed for equipment Check-in and Check-out Management, the solution may be closer than you think. 

Many organizations struggle with deciding whether to invest in another tool or maintain separate Excel spreadsheets to manage temporary equipment loans. The good news is you won't have to make that difficult choice! 

An IT Asset Management solution like InvGate Insight offers an integrated platform to handle temporary equipment loans seamlessly. Here's why using ITAM software for equipment check-in and out is a game-changer:

  1. Streamlined Asset Management - The ITAM software consolidates equipment check-in and out processes into a single, cohesive platform. This simplifies asset tracking and minimizes administrative overhead, ensuring assets are efficiently managed throughout their lifecycle.

  2. Real-time visibility - With ITAM software, organizations gain real-time visibility into their equipment inventory. This means you can instantly check the availability of assets, preventing scheduling conflicts and downtime.

  3. Cost optimization - By integrating ITAM, you can optimize equipment purchases, maintenance, and renewal costs. The system helps identify opportunities for cost reduction, such as eliminating unused assets or consolidating software licenses.

  4. Compliance assurance - With ITAM capabilities, organizations can maintain compliance with software licensing agreements and regulatory requirements. This eliminates the risk of costly compliance violations.

  5. Integration capabilities - ITAM software often integrates seamlessly with other IT systems, such as help desk software like InvGate Service Desk, creating a unified ecosystem for managing your whole IT ecosystem and ensuring data consistency.

  6. Scalability - As your organization grows, ITAM software can scale with you. It can adapt to your Asset Management requirements' changing needs and complexities.

How to book and check out assets with InvGate Insight

With InvGate Insight and InvGate Service Desk, you can build a simple check-out request that automatically marks the asset as loaned out and provides a straightforward audit trail of who has what. 

Before getting into action, keep in mind that you have to configure the integration of both tools to make sure you can get the most out of this ITSM and ITAM power couple. Are your eyes glazing over? Let's get right to the step-by-step process that covers the whole cycle.

1. Loading assets

To kickstart your asset booking and check-out system, load your assets into InvGate Insight. Make sure that these assets are properly marked as "ready to loan" (or any custom status you want), in the correct location, and without any owner assigned. 

2. Creating a customized request workflow

Within InvGate Service Desk, access "Settings" and "Workflows" to create a customized workflow. Start by adding the essential information, such as the desired loan dates, the type of Configuration Item users wish to reserve, and any additional comments. You can customize it to collect the information that matters most to your organization. 

3. Populating the calendar

Automate the creation of a calendar by setting up an API call to Office 365 to handle reservations. This feature provides a visual representation of asset availability, which is crucial for preventing scheduling conflicts and minimizing downtime.

4. Assigning IT tasks

Then you have to assign tasks to your tier 1 team to validate and prepare loaner assets for check-out. These tasks encompass preparing the loaner, confirming the reservation's accuracy, and conducting a final check to ensure that the assets are in optimal condition before they are loaned out.

5. Assigning the user

Create another API call to InvGate Insight to mark the asset as "loaned on loan" and set the user as the person who requested it. 

6. Collecting returned loaners

Put a task out to the agent who will collect the returned loaner. This meticulous process ensures a seamless cycle, making certain that when users return the loaner equipment, the agents are prompted with a task instructing them to initiate the collection process.

7. Update asset status

Create another API call to InvGate Insight to mark the loaner as "back and ready to loan" while removing the user assignment.

8. Creating a request item

Go to “Catalog” to create a request item, such as “Loaner Laptop,” for a streamlined request process. Customize it by adding an icon, providing a description, and including relevant search terms. Then, associate the request item with the customized workflow you've created.

And this is how you can build a check-in and check-out process using both InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Insight. In just a few simple steps, you can have your system up and running without any additional implementations!

Key takeaways

An efficient equipment check-out system is a necessity for organizations in various industries, as the ability to loan and track different types of equipment or assets curbs unnecessary costs and elevates accountability.

But the real game-changer lies in the integration of ITAM software, and a prime example of this is InvGate Insight. By adopting this type of solution for your equipment check-out system, you empower your organization with a new level of control and efficiency — all in just a few easy steps.

Are you eager to put this innovative solution to work for your organization? Request InvGate Insight's 30-day free trial today and experience the difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is equipment checkout?

Equipment checkout is the process of loaning equipment to users or employees for temporary use, typically recorded to track who borrowed the equipment and when.

What is check-in and check-out in Asset Management?

Check-in and check-out in Asset Management is the practice of recording when assets are taken from or returned to inventory. It helps maintain accountability and visibility of asset movement.

How do you track employee equipment?

You can track employee equipment by assigning them specific assets, recording their details, and using an Asset Management system to monitor equipment assignments and usage.

How does a check-in check-out system work?

A check-in/check-out system works by allowing users to request and check out assets, timestamping check-out transactions, and providing real-time visibility into asset availability and location for efficient Asset Management.

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