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Desirée Jaimovich

Red Team vs. Blue Team: The InfoSec Color Wheel

It is essential to work in teams to strengthen organizations' security. Regarding cybersecurity, in particular, this job is best done from a red team vs. blue team perspective. 

What Are Red Team Scenarios? Methodology and Examples

Red team scenarios are frameworks companies use to evaluate their level of...

A Step-by-step Guide to Implementing a Patch Management Process

A proper patch management process is crucial as it helps prevent data...

SCP Port: Secure Copy Protocol Definition & Examples

The SCP port has proven to be a very useful tool for SysAdmins. In short,...

7 Patch Management Best Practices

Patch management best practices ensure we do patch deployment effectively...

An Introduction to Patch Management

Patch management is the process of acquiring and applying updates to...

The 5 Phases of Project Management

  In IT, project management refers specifically to the planning,...

How to Locate a Device Using a MAC Address

Every device on a network has a unique address called IP address, which...

What is Shadow IT and Why Should It Be Avoided?

Shadow IT. Just the name itself sounds spooky, like a ghost is haunting...

The ABC of Process Improvement

No matter just how well things are going, there is always room for...

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