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Automatic Ticket Assignment: 3 Examples to Streamline your Service Desk

Automatic ticket assignment is one of the simplest yet crucial features of help desk software. It allows the workflow to keep moving, and at the same time assures an equal distribution of work - turning this into a great way to contribute to your ...

Mental Health and the Service Desk: How Leaders Can Safeguard Their Teams

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we live and work forever. It’s been a rough few years and one of the things that we’re still not sure of is its full impact on mental health.

7 Laws of UX to Improve the Experience of IT Managers

The process of looking for a suitable software to work with doesn’t involve its functionalities and integrations alone. It’s not limited to your company and your own needs, either. Finding a tool ...

Swarming, Scrum, and How They Can Benefit Your Organization

Project management is hard. Even if you arm yourself with the best team and the best resources, unexpected issues may arise creating delays or other bottlenecks. In fact, according to a 2021 report, ...

How to transition from Email Ticketing to User Self Service

Is Count Von Emailticketov draining the value from your Service Desk? Drive him out with these 7 Simple Steps to User Self Service.

Help Desk Software as a Dynamic Approach to IT Service Management

Keeping an enterprise operating smoothly requires the right people, the right strategies and well managed information technology. Because IT embraces a world of functions; as such, deploying IT ...

Help Desk: The Tool for Better Infrastructure Problem Solving

In an IT business age characterized by countless and recurring infrastructure problems, keeping IT assets well maintained is a task that needs to be seriously undertaken by organizations. To meet ...

How to Business-Center Your Enterprise with Service Desk

In an era of more complex technologies and changing customer demands, it has become imperative for businesses to resort to an IT management solution that can ease their business processes while ...

How Can Inventory Management Take Advantage from Service Desk

The present era characterized by complexity in technology advancements makes it imperative for IT companies to be a step ahead of their customers and end-users when it comes to attending to and ...

Implementing the Social Network Approach to Service Desk

Today's technology affords vigorous possibilities. The power of the Internet has permeated the business arena and has opened up opportunities for enterprises worldwide. In order for large ...

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