What to Expect From an IT Service Management Consultant

Brian Hubbard July 22, 2022
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With the rapid evolution of information technology (IT) used by organizations seeking to optimize their business performance, it’s no surprise to see high demand for IT service management consultants.

Hiring an IT service management consultant is a tricky business. You have a lot to consider as an organization that wants someone qualified to oversee smooth IT service delivery and enterprise service management (ESM). That’s why we’re here to help illustrate what you should expect from an IT consulting service.

But first, if you’re looking to review the ins and outs of IT service management, take a look at our official ITSM guide. Also, don’t forget to check out our other articles, like our breakdown of an IT Consultant Job Description and How to Become an IT Consultant if you’re looking to start a career in IT service management consulting.

More and more organizations want to streamline and improve their business processes through recognized ITSM practices. Read on, and we’ll guide you through what to expect from an ITSM consultant and how they can help accelerate your organization’s ITSM process improvement.

What does an IT service management consultant do?

An ITSM consultant is a professional or expert in IT who provides knowledge in configuring and managing ITSM processes and solutions. Organizations typically hire an ITSM consultant because there’s better value in paying a little more for expertise than onboarding a full-time employee. 

Additionally, a consultant brings some emotional distance from the operations and politics of a company. Thus, they’re more capable of addressing business challenges and influencing decisions without bias, whereas a business owner would be more emotionally invested.

What does an ITSM consultant do? You can expect an ITSM consultant to implement and administer bespoke ITSM processes suited to your organization. They likely accomplish these tasks with software and ITSM tools.

Areas of improvement an ITSM consultant can help with

Speaking of tasks, let’s run through some specific examples of where ITSM consulting services can help your company meet organizational goals:

  • Process improvement is then an area an ITSM consultant can help an organization accomplish. They’d analyze and perhaps redesign existing processes with a strategy consulting plan that implements third-party ITSM assets and solutions.

  • Project management is another area an ITSM consultant’s expertise can help streamline an organization’s application of processes. To ensure IT projects are completed on time, and within budget, an ITSM consultant will often call upon a suite of proven project management methodologies and ITSM solutions.

  • An ITSM consultant can also train and enable current staff. An ITSM consultant would educate your team on how to implement and meet formal IT service management standards within your organization through either traditional workshops and classrooms or digital formats.

What an IT service management consultant can’t help you with

While masters of their craft, IT service management consultants aren’t miracle workers. Here’s a brief list of several things they can’t help you with:

  • ITSM consultants are highly knowledgeable (or should be if you hire them), but they are best left to oversee and advise on how to better ITSM processes rather than configure or supervise all end-to-end IT processes. For example, you wouldn’t bring in an ITSM consultant to do a job better handled by a team leader in IT Infrastructure, Applications, or Operations.

  • Unforeseen shutdowns and breaks in service are inevitable. An ITSM consultant can help your team prepare through proactive, formal training in how to respond. However, they can’t altogether prevent an accident or system shutdown from happening.

  • It’s not uncommon for an ITSM consultant to present an unflattering view of an organization’s internal IT processes, i.e., where there are bottlenecks in service delivery and managed services. That said, when it comes to making the tough decisions on who to let go or where to make budget cuts, they can’t pull the trigger for you.

Finding an ITSM consultant

If you’re looking for an IT service management consultant, one of your best bets may be meeting in person or through someone else. 

Leveraging your professional contacts to form other meaningful relationships with people in your industry is generally good advice, and it’s no different when searching for an ITSM expert who can help your organization. Otherwise, LinkedIn is the next best place to consider.

Maintaining an updated profile and interacting with like-minded professionals within your industry can keep you in the loop if you ever need to reach out to someone who can bring or start implementing ITSM solutions within your organization. 

Key takeaways

An IT service management consultant will bring a demonstrable level of expertise and experience to your organization to solve, manage, or advise on ITSM-related challenges. They can help your company by analyzing, administering, and training your organization’s staff in formal ITSM methodology – such as ITIL – to more effectively meet business goals via information technology.

However, an ITSM consultant can’t help you through complete end-to-end IT processes where a more specific IT team is better suited. Ultimately, they’re there to guide your team on how to be more efficient. 

And lastly, if you’re looking for an ITSM consultant, there are a few better ways than through LinkedIn or a referral — networking being one of the best ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IT service management consultant?

An IT service management consultant is a highly qualified IT professional who leverages IT service management consultancy and methodology to advise organizations on more productively meeting business objectives.

What services do ITSM consultants offer?

ITSM consulting involves several services, including deploying ITSM solutions (maintaining and troubleshooting those solutions), project management consulting, and training an organization’s staff on ITSM methodology. 

What is the role of ITIL within IT service management?

ITIL is the foremost authority on effectively aligning IT practices, activities, and services with the goals of a business. It is a popular ITSM framework and the standard through which many organizations run their ITSM procedures. 

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