InvGate Insight, Included in Gartner’s Voice of the Customer For Software Asset Management Tools

Celeste Mottesi April 9, 2024
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InvGate Insight was added to the latest version of Gartner’s Voice of the Customer for Software Asset Management Tools Report. The inclusion is a recognition of the tool’s usefulness for this particular practice.

The Voice of the Customer is based on peer reviews and currently features eight vendors. 

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What is Garner’s Voice of the Customer report?

The Voice of the Customer is a document that provides IT decision-makers with peer reviews to evaluate the multiple tools in the market. This report focuses on Software Asset Management (SAM) software.

In the report, Gartner provides an “aggregated peer perspective, along with the individual detailed reviews” that can play a crucial role in the organizations’ buying process. To be eligible, candidates must have 20 eligible published reviews during the specified 18-month submission period. 

In this case, only eight vendors made the cut. They were categorized into four quadrants based on User Interest, Adoption, and Overall Experience.

InvGate Insight in the Voice of the Customer document

The inclusion of InvGate Insight on Gartner’s SAM tools report represents an endorsement not only of our software but also of our efforts to provide the best solution in the market to manage the IT infrastructure.



"The Voice of the Customer is a renowned document that helps C-levels acquire the best tools for their needs. Being added to this report is particularly significant since it highlights our users’ reviews and experience using InvGate Insight for Software Asset Management."

Ariel Gesto
CEO and Co-Founder of InvGate


InvGate Insight was granted a 4.4 overall rate and has an 88% of willingness to recommend. Its highest rating is on Sales Experience (4.6), followed closely by Deployment and Support experience (4.5), and Product capabilities (4.4).

InvGate Insight’s SAM capabilities

InvGate Insight offers a full suite of capabilities designed to perform and streamline Software Asset Management tasks. Some of them are: 

  • Software deployment capabilities: Once you complete your  inventory within the tool, you can install, configure, and update software across multiple devices by crafting and executing scripts, saving both time and costs.

  • License Management: On InvGate Insight, you can associate contracts with individual software titles, users, computers, and locations, gaining visibility into your software environment.

  • Software metering: Install agents on each machine and monitor software usage across your organization to optimize license allocation and make better informed decisions.

  • ITAM reports: Create periodic reports on software installation, usage, and costs and share them with relevant stakeholders to make decisions on resource allocation and purchase.

This is just a quick glimpse at our tools functions. If you want to further explore how InvGate Insight can support your Asset Management strategy, book a quick call with our experts that will guide you through all its capabilities.

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