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Steve Manjaly

Steve is a tech writer with an unhealthy obsession with smart gadgets. He loves tech and loves writing about it. Trained as a biotechnology engineer, he is into UI/UX design, product development, and IoT. During his free time, he enjoys a good game of ping pong.
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How to Use the Ping Command for Network and Troubleshooting

The ping command is one of network admins' most commonly used tools. It has served and continues to serve network admins as one of the best network troubleshooting tools since it was ...

An Introduction to VeriSM

VeriSM is one of the latest among the many different ITSM frameworks and...

Active Directory: Everything you Always Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Microsoft Active Directory is one of the most popular directory services....

Business Continuity Planning for Your Small and Medium-Sized Company

Creating a business plan is hard in itself, but keeping it during a crisis...

The Ultimate Guide to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are a crucial part of Service Level...

Why Task Management is a Crucial Part of Every Service Desk

Organizations spend a lot of resources to make their employees productive....

6 Best Practices to Create a Data Center Naming Convention

Naming conventions for assets have a rich, engaging, and often hilarious...

5 Reasons Why You Need a Software Asset Management Team

In most organizations, software asset management (SAM) is not given much...

An Introduction to IT4IT and Its Benefits

IT4IT is a relatively new entrant in ITSM frameworks and ITIL practices,...

How Can IT Asset Management Software Help Your MSP?

Managed Service Providers or MSPs in asset management, which started as...

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