Empowering Service Desk Agents with AI-Powered Response Suggestions

Melisa Wrobel June 13, 2023
- 2 min read

One of the most important factors of customer satisfaction is the quality of the interaction between service desk agents and users. At InvGate, we know this is key, and we’re developing new AI-powered response suggestions to empower agents’ capabilities further.

Users expect empathic-written responses that solve their requests in the shortest period. Meanwhile, agents are required to solve hundreds of tickets every day, following defined best practices and according to SLAs

So, they can’t spend too much time worrying about wording or sounding empathetic enough before sending a message. However, doing precisely that is one of the most time-consuming activities for them. 

Therefore, we’re developing new AI-powered Response Suggestions to assist agents when replying to tickets on InvGate Service Desk. Now in Beta for some users, this feature will allow agents to write better responses in seconds, saving time and helping them handle more inquiries efficiently. 

The main goal of this new feature is to offer agents improvement suggestions upon their draft replies and create customized, more suitable ones if they prefer. By using it, businesses can improve their agents’ productivity, enhance overall customer experience, and drive business growth.

As you can see above, within the Service Desk request ticket view, agents will find an AI Response Suggestion box that will provide a recommended set of steps to improve their answers. 

Furthermore, they’ll have the option to create an entirely written response based on an original unstructured input by the agent, making a better ticket reply.

Response Suggestions is the next step in developing tools to improve service desk efficiency and customer satisfaction leveraging AI, following our release of Support Assist last year. 

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