What's New With InvGate: February Updates

Celeste Mottesi February 7, 2024
- 5 min read

We kick off 2024 with some exciting updates! February brings several news for our InvGate Service Desk and Insight users. 

From a brand new app to software deployment updates, let’s see what’s new with InvGate’s products this month!

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InvGate Service Desk

New InvGate Service Desk mobile app



One of the biggest news since our last product update is the launch of a renewed InvGate Service Desk mobile app! It’s a simplified version of the desktop product, enabling you to perform all the essential activities on the go – and you won’t need to learn new pathways!

With it, end-users can create requests and be notified of their activity. on the fly. Meanwhile, agents can track requests, perform tasks, and access the knowledge base and their custom request views! Plus, they can receive push notifications on their mobile or smartwatch.

The app is available for Android and iOS and is compatible with instances from version 7.56 or later.

Shared custom views

Do you know that feeling when you nail the perfect custom view that organizes your information in a clear and concise way? Well, that excitement is about to grow because now you can share them!

From InvGate Service Desk version 7.66.0, agents, managers, and administrators can create and share custom views. The purpose behind this update is to improve team collaboration, and facilitate data sharing across the team.

To do so, all you need to do is go to “Requests,” click on the menu, and select the view manager. Once in there, go to the custom view you’d like to share, and click on the “Share” icon. Next, select the users and help desks with whom you want to share it, and hit “Save.” That’s it, you’re good to go now!


InvGate Insight

Software deployment updates

A couple of months ago, we launched InvGate Insight’s script-deployment capabilities, and now, we bring you some updates to increase its capacity. From now on, it can now support up to 5,000 computers. Plus, you can also assign assets to deployment dynamically based on specified tag conditions.

InvGate Discovery updates: Connected devices

Next in line, InvGate Discovery. Now, you can also detect how the devices on your network are connected. By using the information provided by the SNMP protocol, we can now detect devices connected to a switch or router.

Network Discovery improvements

Lastly, our Network Discovery feature also got some improvements in the last couple of weeks. The MAC address of the detected devices during discovery will be used to identify virtual computers. This way, we can help you better identify the devices on your network. 


And that’s it for the time being! Remember to contact our support team or your dedicated partner if you have any questions. And if you haven’t implemented InvGate Service Desk and Insight already, what are you waiting for? Grab the 30-day free trial and test them!

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