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Celeste Mottesi May 13, 2024
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Workflows are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes – if they are intuitive enough to be used by tech and non-tech-savvy people alike. With this in mind, we’ve just redesigned InvGate Service Desk’s no-code workflow builder to make the experience much more accessible.

In a nutshell, we kept all the functionalities our users already enjoyed but simplified the UX/UI, reduced the learning curve, and added some pre-built processes so you don’t need to start from scratch.

Curious about it? Keep reading to discover them!



What is the workflow builder?

InvGate Service Desk’s workflow builder view.

A workflow builder is a tool that allows you to define a set of steps to perform any given process.

It usually follows an “If this, then that” logic, where you select the starting point of a flow and decide the action sequence until the process is finished. Once it’s set, the steps are triggered as the tasks are done.

Workflows are great for encouraging adherence to service desk SOPs or guiding cross-departmental processes, such as the onboarding of new hires.

InvGate Service Desk’s visual workflow builder already allowed users to drag and drop components into a process to define its multiple steps. But with the latest update, they can build, modify, and optimize them in minutes without needing any technical knowledge—making it perfect for speeding up your Enterprise Service Management (ESM) strategy!

Let’s dig deeper into it.

What’s new with InvGate Service Desk’s workflows?

The new Workflows module prioritizes a streamlined user experience that minimizes the complexity traditionally associated with Workflow Management tools.

We’re fully aware that intuitiveness is key to adoption rates and that tools that users don’t feel comfortable using are a waste of time and money. Software shouldn’t feel complex or outdated. For that reason, we’ve doubled down on our value proposition of making tech simple. 

The workflow builder redesign reduces the learning curve and technical knowledge required, making it easier than ever for users to understand and effectively build workflows quickly.

This focus on reducing entry barriers ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can get the most out of the tool, extending its use across multiple teams and, in consequence, improving multiple-department collaboration (or, in other words, an ESM approach).

4 benefits of the new Workflows module

There are four clear benefits of the new workflow builder:

  • Reduced learning curve - Intuitive new design and configuration capabilities that make it easier for users to build and manage workflows, reducing the technical knowledge required. Some features you can expect include:
    • Simplified conditionals for processes with multiple outcomes.
    • Easy multiple-option approvals for complex processes.
    • Improved navigation through mini-map and search bar.

  • Improved UX/UI - A more intuitive design to visualize your processes and interdependencies while building them. Some features you can expect:
    • New Steps menu.
    • New design for the Step cards.
    • New alerts for errors (shown on each Step card).
  • Simplified configuration tools - New features to reduce the time and effort required to manage your workflows. Some capabilities you can expect:
    • Users can now duplicate any step.
    • Undo/redo capabilities.
    • New variables panel to make them easier to understand for non-technical users.
  • Built-in workflow templates - InvGate Service Desk now comes with some pre-built workflow configurations to ease the learning process even more. This way, you no longer need to start from scratch; you can choose the template that best adapts to your process and customize it to suit your needs. You can find the following options within the Workflow list in your settings:

The new workflow builder’s impact on ESM

Workflows are at the base of a successful Enterprise Service Management strategy. ESM is not only about providing your company with a shared service center; it’s also about making processes smoother for the whole organization.

And that’s where workflows become indispensable. They automate repetitive tasks within regular processes, such as the onboarding and offboarding of new employees, the knowledge article creation process, or the kick-off of a change process.

Unifying your organization under the same tool allows different departments to collaborate in cross-departmental processes. However, ESM projects often fail because the solution is too complex for non-technical users.

This is where the new workflow builder makes all the difference. Its no-code technology, intuitive interface, and advanced configurations encourage users to use it regardless of their tech skills. There’s no fear of breaking anything – a simple CTRL-Z will turn things back to where they were, as if nothing happened.

In short

Workflows are essential for all technical and business teams to design, execute, and continuously improve their processes. In order for them to fulfill this purpose, software must be flexible enough to adapt to their needs and simple enough for anyone at the company to use without wasting too much time on their configuration.

And InvGate Service Desk’s new no-code Workflow Builder achieves exactly that.

With the update from version 7.77, you’ll get a more intuitive module (especially for those with little to no programming background), simplified configuration options, and built-in templates.

Designing your service desk processes has just got even more easier. Go to the Workflows section on your instance to try them out – or request your 30-day free trial to see them in action!

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