Patch VMware vRealize Log Insight Vulnerability (CVE-2022-31704)

Brenda Gratas September 21, 2022
- 3 min read

As organizations rely on VMware vRealize Log Insight for their log management and analytics needs, it becomes imperative to address the critical vulnerability known as CVE-2022-31704.

In this article, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the CVE-2022-31704 vulnerability, its risks, and how InvGate Insight simplifies Patch Management.

Read on to gain valuable insights about CVE-2022-31704 and ensure the security and stability of your organization's log management environment.

About CVE-2022-31704

CVE-2022-31704 is a broken access control vulnerability in VMware vRealize Log Insight. It affects all versions of vRealize Log Insight up to and including 7.4.2.

An unauthenticated attacker can exploit this vulnerability to inject arbitrary files into the affected appliance, which could lead to remote code execution.

The vulnerability exists in the way that vRealize Log Insight handles user-supplied input. When an attacker sends a specially crafted request to the appliance, they can trick it into writing arbitrary files to a writable directory. This could then be used to execute malicious code on the appliance.

What are CVE-2022-31704 risks?

An attacker could use this vulnerability to gain full control of an affected appliance, allowing them to steal sensitive data, disrupt operations, or even take it offline.

The exploit for CVE-2022-31704 is relatively simple. The attacker can send a specially crafted request to the vRealize Log Insight appliance that contains a malicious file. The appliance will then write the file to a writable directory, and the attacker can then execute the malicious code.

Is CVE-2022-31704 fixed?

Yes, VMware has released a patch for CVE-2022-31704, and users should install it as soon as possible to protect their systems from this vulnerability. The latest version that includes the patch is v8.10.2.

How to find devices exposed to CVE-2022-31704

To quickly identify devices that may be impacted by the CVE-2022-31704 vulnerability, InvGate Insight offers a convenient solution. Follow the steps below to utilize it effectively:

  1. Open InvGate Insight and go to the Explorer tab.
  2. Type in the Search bar “Software name, is:VMware vRealize Log Insight” to filter all devices with this software.
  3. Add another filter to the Search bar to see all devices missing the security patch. To do that, add the following filter: “Reported version, is not:” and paste VMware’s patched version (v8.10.2).

Use InvGate Insight to find devices exposed to CVE-2022-31704

The bottom line

The CVE-2022-31704 vulnerability in VMware vRealize Log Insight presents a significant risk to organizations, as it allows attackers to upload and execute malicious files, potentially compromising the security and integrity of the system. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to apply the latest patch provided by VMware promptly.

To simplify the process of identifying devices affected by this vulnerability, InvGate Insight offers an efficient solution. By utilizing InvGate Insight's capabilities, organizations can swiftly scan their network and pinpoint the devices that may be susceptible to the CVE-2022-31704 vulnerability. 

To experience the benefits of InvGate Insight's Patch Management capabilities, request a 30-day free trial and leverage its comprehensive features to scan and secure your network against potential vulnerabilities.

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