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InvGate December 29, 2020
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Wow, 2020 is over already. From some perspectives it couldn’t finish soon enough, but we’re proud of the hard work of all the IT professionals around the world in this troublesome year. We’re sure that you and your IT colleagues played a key role in helping your organization to keep going during the first wave of the global pandemic. With all the fire-fighting it might have been easy to forget how the IT community’s combined knowledge, skills, and experiences were, and continue to be, instrumental to business operations and outcomes. We’ve tried to do our bit to help out too, not only through our products and services but also via the sharing of IT service management (ITSM), IT asset management (ITAM), digital transformation, learnings and best practices in this blog. 

This looks to be working, with 2020 seeing a 31% increase in traffic to the blog. And, as always, some blogs fare better than others in readerships terms. If you’d like to catch up on any of our most read blogs that you missed, this post lists out our most popular ITSM blogs of 2020. As you’d expect, many relate to the global pandemic and the needed responses.

Our Top Articles of 2020

Probably due to the fact that there are more ITSM professionals out there than ITAM professionals, because it’s a much wider IT management canvas, the ITSM blogs have taken the top spots in our 2020 blog-read rankings.

You’ll notice the aforementioned pandemic influence on readership, but there’s also a healthy interest in ITIL 4. Our two “2020 futures” blogs fared well too although, like everyone else’s 2020 predictions, there’s no mention of the critical pandemic response efforts and the consequential remote-working changes to IT service delivery and support operations in them.

Our Top Articles of All Time (viewed this year)

What’s just as interesting is the view of what ITSM professionals wanted to read about no matter the date of publication – with this driven by internet searches for help in the main. Again it’s relatively easy to spot some of the trends, with incident and change management plus performance management continuing to be areas where ITSM professionals are still seeking help.

  1. ITSM 101: Change Management Tips – Preparing for a Change Freeze
  2. ITSM 101: Why an Incident Prioritization Matrix is Important
  3. ITIL Roles Types and Their Responsibilities
  4. Top 12 ITSM Metrics you Need to Know: Incidents
  5. ITSM 101: 6 Tips on How to Run Your CAB Like A Boss
  6. 5 IT Service Desk Reporting Tips (+ 5 Top Metrics to Consider)
  7. ITSM 101: 5 Ways to Improve Your Major Incident Communications
  8. 10 Tips for Running A Successful Change Advisory Board
  9. We’re Offering Our Products for Free for Your COVID-19 Response Plan
  10. IT Financial Management – What It Is and Why It’s Important
However, it’s also worth pointing out that IT financial management - now called service financial management in ITIL 4 - is at position #10 in the list. This could be due to there being less equivalent content available on the Internet but, alternatively, it could be a response to the pandemic, with IT organizations needing to better understand their IT costs models for costing-cutting, value demonstration, and perhaps other purposes. For example, better marrying service level agreement (SLA) targets, the cost of provision, and the perceived business value - with business stakeholders taking a small reduction in service when a significant cost saving can be made.

Hopefully, these popular-blog lists will offer up helpful content in areas that are relevant to you or your colleagues. And, as always, if there are other areas that you would like us to blog on, then please let us know in the comments section.

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