Ticket Volume Webinar in April: Wiring The Winning Organization: Automation, Innovation, And Adaptability

Celeste Mottesi April 8, 2024
- 17 min read

Ticket Volume is back for another year and we are very excited to announce that, once again, InvGate's IT podcast will be hosting monthly live Webinars!

The next meeting will be held on the 26th of April at 10 AM Central (GMT-5). There, Gene Kim, author of "Wiring The Winning Organization," will be discussing with our host, Matt Beran, several ideas to wire your teams in a way flexible enough to adapt to the speed of rapidly changing workplace scenarios.

In addition, they will explore multiple options to leverage automation and AI to build efficient IT services today.

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For the past 25 years, Gene Kim has been studying high-performing technology organizations. He is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, researcher, and multiple award-winning CTO. He founded Tripwire, Inc. and acted as its CTO for 13 years. Some of his most famous books include "Wiring the Winning Organization," "The Unicorn Project," "The DevOps Handbook," and "The Phoenix Project."

Ticket Volume is our ITSM podcast, where Matt chats with different IT leaders on multiple topics. So far, we've gone through ITSM, ITIL, sustainability, Experience Management, leadership, and so much more. You name it; we covered it! Feel free to explore all the Ticket Volume articles.

In 2023, we decided to spice things up a bit and started hosting live webinars once a month. The sessions quickly became a great space not only for knowledge and sharing but also for free consulting.

And this 2024 we are coming back at it! We always take into account our viewers' questions and try to fill in as many as possible.

All you need to do to be in the sessions is subscribe. See you next month? Don't forget to bring your questions!

Ticket Volume previous live sessions

This is not Ticket Volume's first live episode. Check out all the other guests that pluck up the courage to be in an open mic! 

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Ticket Volume Webinars Season 2024

March Webinar: How to Build a Multidisciplinary IT Service Management project



The first live session of the year was held in March and looked into various ways to make a multidisciplinary ITSM project work. Focusing on how to bring together and leverage different frameworks, they explored both the benefits of being nurtured with multiple perspectives and the possible challenges that come with juggling too much complex terminology before getting to implement your plan.

Jyoti Chopra has over 15 years of experience stimulating and shaping business demand across various functions. She is currently the IT Business Relationship Manager at SCI Group Inc. Some of her previous roles include Director of IT at Sakshem IT Solution and Sr. IT Manager at Glaze Trading India. In addition, she was named Top BRM in 2023 by the Business Relationship Management Institute.

Darrel Popowich is the Chief Visionary Officer and COO of the BRM Institute. He has over 25 years of experience in the IT world, occupying multiple positions — including Manager of IT Enterprise Services at TransAlta, Vice President of Information Technology at H&R Block Canada, and Managing Director at Online Business Systems. His primary focus is improving IT's capability to explicitly connect IT to business objectives that increase organizational value delivery.

Ticket Volume Webinars Season 2023

December Webinar: The Future of IT Service Management



To give an end to the year, in December's webinar our host discussed with a panel of guests the Future of Service Management, specifically focusing on IT and other shared service functions. They touched upon topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), sustainability, and building community.

Formerly known as “The IT Skeptic”, Rob England is an active contributor to ITIL Service Strategy, The Unicorn Project, The Agile Manager, Open Management, The DevOps Handbook, a lead author of the VeriSM digital framework. 

Claire Agutter is currently the Director at ITSM Zone and Scopism. She's a Service Management trainer, consultant, author, and Chief Architect for VeriSM. She was recognized as an HDI Top 25 Thought Leader in 2018 and 2019 and was nominated as one of Computer Weekly's 50 Women in Tech.

Self-defined as The IT Paradigmologist, Mark Smalley is an ITIL author and co-author, IT Management consultant and trainer, advisor, and former ambassador of organizations such as DevOps Agile Skills Association and ASL BiSL Foundation.

November Webinar:  Knowledge Management Success: Tips, Tricks, And Metrics



For November, Liz Bunger and Michelle Stumpf teamed up to break down the process of creating a robust Knowledge Management strategy. Succeeding in this practice is an essential to guarantee efficient IT support. Some of the topics they covered are the Knowledge Centered Support function, the documentation process, team writing tips, and measuring performance.

Liz Bunger is the KCS Program Manager at Motive, where she develops and implements the strategy for the Customer Support Knowledge program. Michelle Stumpf is the Head of Knowledge Management at Celonis, a KCS-certified trainer, and a Knowledge Management strategist. She has solid experience developing and implementing enterprise-level taxonomy, metadata, and governance strategy.

October live session - Staffing For Service: Models, Volumes, And Training



During October, Jacob White, Kincy Clark, Simone Jo Moore, and Daniel Breston discussed staffing for service, available models, and training to build the best IT support team. When to hire, how to hire, and how many people to hire? These are some of the key points the panel of experts explored during the episode, providing valuable tips on how to conform a successful service desk team.

Jacob White is a Consultant/Advisor with a rich background in Sales and Support. Before that, he was the Head of Customer Service at Adaptiva and the Director of Technical Support Engineering at CrowdStrike. Kincy Clark is the Founder of OneStudy.ai and the former Director of Support at Bolt. He has over 12 years of experience in team leadership, Program Management, strategy, operations, communication, and technical experience.

Simone Jo Moore is a renowned author and coauthor guiding organizations and individuals in adopting a "Humanising IT" perspective. She's been in HDI's Top 25 Industry Thought Leaders for the last five years and is a WomenTech & DevOps Institute Ambassador. Daniel Breston is a retired coach, blogger, speaker, and writer with more than 50 years of experience in IT. He's currently a board member of itSFMF UK.

September live session - IT Asset Management Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies



In September, David Foxen came to talk about ITAM challenges, opportunities, and strategies. We can all agree that ITAM is a vital business process, but implementing a strategy and improving it is no easy task. So, here David goes through the most common ITAM challenges (and how to solve them!) and shares some epic fails, stories, and learnings.

David Foxen has dedicated his career to IT Asset Management. He's the Founder and Principal Consultant for SAM Beast Consulting Ltd and was named the ITAM Consultant of the Year in 2022 by "The ITAM Review." He has also founded the ITAM Volunteers, which helped organizations struggling during the COVID pandemic through ITAM.

August live session - The ITSM Implementation Roadmap



In August, Doug Tedder visited us to share an ITSM implementation roadmap. He and Matt discussed where to start, how to mature, and what "good" looks like since there are various phases of improving Service Management, but the path is more often than not a bit foggy.

Doug Tedder is an IT Consultant and author specialized in helping businesses improve and leverage their use of IT organizations. He currently assists organizations in ITSM plan development, process implementation plans, ITSM and strategy roadmaps, and more. His experience also includes some remarkable roles as the President of itSMF USA, the Director of Management Systems at The priSM Institute, and the Manager of Service Delivery at Roche Diagnostics.

June live session - Experience is Squishy: How to Turn Sentiment Data Into Action, With Jon Leighton and Emily Schlick



In June, Jon Leighton and Emily Schlick came to Ticket Volume Live to help us further dive into the employee experience. The result? Piles of practical advice on using sentiment data in your favor to improve the employee experience.

Jon Leighton has been the Head of Customer Engagement and Advocacy at Nextink for four years. Before this, he's been in BMC Software, was the VP of Customer Success at 4me, and the Service Desk Leader at Southampton City Council.

Emily Schlick is the Sr. Director of Technology Strategic Business Operations at Vizient, Inc. Prior to that role, she's been the Director of Digital Employee Experience and Strategic Initiatives at Cigna and the Sr. Manager of Employee Experience at Express Scripts.

May live session - IT + CX: The Experience Sweet Spot, with Nate Brown



In May, Nate Brown grabbed his favorite hat and filled us with data on upgrading digital experiences. He and Matt explored several ways to better measure the perception of services and products and help viewers understand and overcome the blockers and friction that tend to get in the way of great experiences.

Nate Brown is the Senior Director of CX at Arise and Co-Founder of CX Accelerator. His primary focus is helping employees understand the customer journey and how they play a role in improving it. Some of his previous experience includes being the Chief Experience Officer at Officium Labs and the Head of Customer Experience at UL.

April live session - Service and Support Leadership in 2023, with Tony North



In April, Tony North visited us to talk about help desk leadership. With over 18 years of managing teams, he knows there are always new ideas, tools, and things to try out. And the best thing is that he compiled them in this session! He covered topics such as how to put together the best IT team and the latest trends to pull this off.

Tony North is the Senior Manager of IT Service at King County, WA. He is a service leader, Agile Program Manager, speaker, and veteran, with 20 years of experience in Service and Support. Before his current role, he was Manager of Technical Support at Sinclair Digital and Senior Manager of ITSM at Seattle Genetics. 

March live session - The CAB is dead: now what? Change Management in the modern business, with Greg Sanker



Greg Sanker was back on Ticket Volume in March to discuss the need for the Change Advisory Board (CAB). During the 1-hour episode, he and Matt chatted about whether companies should keep it anyway or if they should replace it instead.

Greg Sanker is the Director of IT Support at Taylor Morrison. He's a consultant, speaker, and author with over ten years in the ITSM industry. His areas of expertise include ITIL, Organizational Management of Change, Global IT Operations, IT Operations Management, and Business Processes Alignment.

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