How SEiT took their ITSM strategy to the next level with InvGate

InvGate October 1, 2021
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SEiT is a Chilean company dedicated to helping organizations maintain operational continuity through its technological platforms, with support, monitoring, backup and cybersecurity services. Thus, it advises them in making decisions to increase their profitability and maintain their focus on the business.

The company is a team of professionals specialized in computing, connectivity, process analysis and services, passionate about what happens behind the computer screen to shape it for the benefit of their clients. For this reason, they needed to optimize their process of delivering solutions to clients.

For its help desk and IT asset management, SEiT was using a free tool. The options it offered were quite limited, allowing them to execute basic Change Management tasks and little else. The team's involvement in delivering solutions to clients was not ideal.

Rolando Ahubert Jalaff, Services Manager, undertook a selection process to find a new provider to meet his help desk and asset management needs. After a thorough process, they decided to go with InvGate Service Desk for their help desk and InvGate Assets for their IT asset management.


"InvGate helps us to better engage the team in delivering solutions to clients, so that we can provide businesses with IT stability, security, and efficiency” 

Rolando Ahubert Jalaff
Services Manager


Since implementing InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Assets, SEiT has been able to increase team participation in solution delivery, execute more ITSM and ITAM capabilities, ensure business continuity, and create custom reports to detect important KPIs for clients.

Read the full success story.


Read the full success story

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