How Harmony Public Schools Leveraged InvGate’s Customizability to Improve Customer Experience

InvGate October 14, 2021
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Harmony Public Schools is a system of 58 Texas charter public schools, providing rigorous, high-quality, education in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Through a collaborative environment, Harmony offers students from traditionally underserved communities the opportunity to excel with project-based learning, developing the necessary skills to become global citizens. 

The first school was founded in Houston in 2000, and since then Harmony has grown in all major areas of Texas, forming six school districts. They have 550 service desk agents servicing 4500 employees. 

Harmony’s headquarters are located in Southwest Management District, Houston, Texas. Because of this, they were faced with certain unique logistical challenges when it came to routing each request based on the location, and ensuring a speedy and effective fulfillment thereof. Their previous service desk provider had support hours that didn’t align with their needs.

Martin Nuñez, Service Desk Manager, began an active search, evaluating about a dozen tools including SysAid, ServiceNow, and Zendesk, among others. But the cost, the rigidity of their functionality, and the complexity of navigation were obstacles to overcome. In Martin’s words: “most of the ITSM systems available in the market are designed for companies, but we are a school and our system of priorities, routing, and communication is totally different from that of a traditional company.” Finally, they went with InvGate Service Desk, which permitted the right level of customization to fit their needs.

“The agreement we reached with InvGate was a success in terms of business value and benefits; in fact, we want to have all Harmony employees using the tool. We currently have 550 agents and we want to reach about 1,200.”, Martin added. 

In their time using InvGate Service Desk as a cloud-based service, Harmony Public Schools has seen a 300% increase in service request fulfillment, and a 71.5% improvement in resolution, wait, and response times. They also radically reimagined their service catalog, expanding it from 56 to 174 services supported, where virtually all departments collaborate: Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Superintendent Office, IT, and Academics


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