How InvGate empowered Disagro to organize its IT department

InvGate August 31, 2021
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Disagro is an international Corporation of Guatemalan origin, a leader in the supply of fertilizers and other agricultural inputs in the region that includes Central America and Colombia. They offer their clients a complete portfolio of agricultural inputs and other supplies for agriculture and agro-industry, including: agricultural fertilizers, crop protection products, products for animal nutrition, agricultural and agro-industrial machinery and equipment.

Disagro has 25 help desk coordinators / agents and more than 1,500 end users. They managed to organize the IT department and become an integrated work team with more understanding of what each area should do.

Disagro understood that all companies have areas that provide services beyond IT, which is why it is necessary for them to implement this type of tools providing control and visibility for those services. With InvGate Service Desk, they managed to improve the user experience in the IT service, improve the integration of the IT team, and achieve more efficiency in its processes and communication between the areas of the company.

Their objectives when choosing us were:

  • Organizing their IT organization
  • Achieving higher visibility of the infrastructure
  • Optimizing Problem Management and Change Management

The decision:

Disagro chose 25 InvGate Service Desk and 1500 InvGate Assets licenses in on-premises mode. Shortly after starting to use the tool, they noticed how the wait times were shortened when they needed to create an agent, a category or a report, since they had gained the freedom to administer the system themselves.



quote-mark-icon "Users have noticed an improvement in service, and resolution times have been cut in half"

Donald Tatún
Corporate Information Systems Manager









Read the full success story and discover:

  •  How Disagro improved the user experience in IT service and communication between the company's areas.
  • Metrics that quantify the automation of processes and the reduction in the number of requests.
  • Why InvGate Service Desk was the solution they finally selected.
  • Best practices and lessons learned for your future IT needs.


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