Mariena Quintanilla’s Guide on How to Reduce The Fear of AI

Manuela Aggio December 1, 2023
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It’s no news that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the ways in which we live, work, and connect. However, along this array of possibilities, it has also led to fears and concerns about its use and potential consequences. 

But what if we could turn these doubts into curiosity? What if, instead of viewing AI as a threat, we saw it as a powerful ally for our day to day tasks and responsibilities? 

Taking on her experience working with teams to introduce this technology, on the 75th episode of Ticket Volume, Mariena Quintanilla shared her perspective on how to reduce the fear of Generative AI and offered tips and strategies to incorporate the tool. She also explored the process of upskilling and put together a set of recommendations for those looking to expand their expertise and make a change in their career path. 

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Reducing the fear and embracing AI

As part of her job in consulting, Mariena has taught courses for other consultants on Generative AI. She started the episode sharing her approach to the topic, where she looks to shift the focus from possible fears and concerns related with its adoption to embracing it and acknowledging how the tool can help significantly transform business operations. 

She explained that, in today's landscape, turning away from AI isn’t much of an option anymore, as it has leveled up the entire work scenario. Mariena makes the argument that the influence of the tool lies in not just more efficiency, but centrally more effectiveness, bringing higher quality outcomes to the equation.



"Generative AI, if you don’t use it, you are going to be inferior in the work that you do. There is a need to learn how to leverage it, embrace it. It works in the same way as spreadsheets, that help you do a more effective analysis than if you were plotting things out in pen and paper."

Mariena Quintanilla
Data Management and Customer Operations Consultant
Episode 75 of Ticket Volume


Tips to incorporate Generative AI 

After this, Mariena dived into more practical tips and strategies when incorporating AI. These are her top recommendations for those getting started:

  • Experiment with the tool - Dipping your toes in, going slowly, and experimenting in a more playful way will take some weight off when starting to get more familiar with the technology.

  • Start in your personal life - Along the same line, using it for non work related purposes can help break that first barrier and learn about its functions and benefits.

  • Approach it as a conversation - Many people try to replicate the use of a search engine with AI. On the contrary, you will see more accurate results when there is a back and forth going for you.

  • Find other novices - Looking for others who might be on the same path can be very useful to share information and findings, and learn from one another. Also, when everybody is new to it, you will probably be more comfortable voicing your doubts and questions.

  • Just get into it - Finally, there is no need to sit on it or wait to be absolutely confident before trying AI out. Not thinking too much about it is a great way to get started.

So, during this process, Mariena explained that moving from fearful thinking to a more positive mindset can make a big difference. This means, looking for ways in which AI can make your job better. This could be by taking up tasks that nobody is currently hired to do or helping with jobs that take up a lot of time or that are tedious. 

She then gave an example of this in IT support, where a tool such as ChatGPT can thoroughly help save time when technicians are doing research on something that isn't working right. Instead of looking through many articles, asking specific questions to the tool can help guide them faster to answer. 


In the next part of the conversation, and also building on her experience working with different teams to uplift and empower them, Mariena explored the process of upskilling. She gave out valuable recommendations for those trying to make a change in their career and might be a bit lost as to where to commence.

For those who are looking to get started in something outside their current field of work, she highlighted the importance of adding to that new experience. This includes spending time doing it, embarking on side projects or volunteering, taking courses and reading to develop core skills, and eventually finding mentors that can help with guidance through the process.

Similar to her tips for incorporating AI, Mariena recommended not to get overwhelmed or lost with the many options out there and just getting started where you are at. However, she also pointed out that you shouldn’t overlook the fact that the process of learning and doing something can be difficult and that it will take a lot of time and effort.



"It’s not easy doing something new. It’s not just to start doing it and everything is going to be hunky dory, it requires sacrifice. Whether that is sacrificing time with your friends and family, or doing something else fun, or taking a step back in the work you already do, so you can prioritize this new thing you want to move forward towards. It’s important to also recognize that it’s not easy."

Mariena Quintanilla
Data Management and Customer Operations Consultant
Episode 75 of Ticket Volume


Again, she offered an example in support. For instance, if somebody wants to move from being an agent to technical support, she would encourage them to connect with other people in their own company or in other communities, such as Support Driven, to learn and move forward. She also pointed out the value of tools that offer free trials (if you want to start right now, we have a 30-day free trial waiting for you, just saying) and suggested experimenting with different solutions, even if they apparently offer the same.

The bottom line 

Make sure you don't miss the chance to listen to the complete recording ang get access to Mariena’s tips and strategies on reducing the fear of Generative AI, incorporating it to daily operations, and leveraging its full potential to stay competitive in today's scenario.

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