Remotely Connect With Users' Computers With InvGate Insight

Veronica Schmilinsky August 9, 2021
- 1 min read

Solving people’s problems is a noble cause, but it can get tricky. End users may need a more hands-on approach to solve some of their requests or they might be having trouble explaining exactly what’s going on.

That’s the moment support agents need to take control of the situation and take a look for themselves. Enter our new Remote Desktop feature.

With InvGate Insight, not only will you have all the computers in your organization inventoried and assigned to their respective owners to keep control of your assets, you will also be able to give your agents the chance to provide hands-on support by remotely accessing users' computers.

To connect with another computer, agents will need to do it from:

Anydesk       TeamViewer-v2

This integration presents a shortcut to connect with end users everywhere. The installed Insight Agent detects the ID and allows the support agents to enter the computers according to the Remote Desktop Software configurations (the user provides a password, accepts the login request or the agent enters directly without validation).

After the connection is established, everything gets done through the Remote Desktop Software (TeamViewer or AnyDesk, for now).



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