How Grupo Cepas streamlined its operational processes with InvGate Service Desk

InvGate October 22, 2021
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Grupo Cepas, an Argentine company dedicated to the production of beverages, invested a lot of time and effort in the manual management of IT processes. The use of paper forms and ineffective communication through email created a bottleneck effect where processes were slowed down with any delay.

They had a ticket system, but it was used to manage IT industry requirements, not end-user orders. Pablo Godoy, Chief Technology Officer of Grupo Cepas, saw the need to find a new service desk tool, evaluating tools in search of one that presents a good balance between a robust back-end and an accessible front-end for end users.

"InvGate Service Desk allowed us to combine these two elements, an important tool in the back, which would provide us with solid data and metrics to evaluate the management while being attractive and easy to use for the end user in the front” 

Pablo Godoy
Chief Technology Officer at Grupo Cepas

With a very easy implementation, using Single Sign-On, Grupo Cepas replaced paper forms with automated processes and implemented a priority system to meet requirements. They were able to obtain metrics to evaluate management on the backend, and their attractive and easy-to-use interface led to high user adoption.

“Right away, the user learned how to upload an incident, how to stock up to find a solution in the knowledge base. It brought us quite a few benefits. "

Soon, other sectors of the company such as Administration, Sales and Human Resources saw the benefit of the tool and its automation and workflow abilities. They adopted InvGate Service Desk as their request and process management solution.

In this interview Grupo Cepas tells about the implementation process of InvGate Service Desk, and the great benefits it brought.


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