How an Electronic Voting Tech Company Centralized its Inventory and Asset Data into an ITIL-compliant CMDB

InvGate August 16, 2022
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By the end of 2020, the IT Support team of Smartmatic - the world's leading company dedicated to the management and modernization of electoral processes - undertook a major transformation of its management of internal processes.

It faced a well-known challenge: multiple internal tools dedicated to IT service management (ITSM) that carried high costs and inefficient workflows. The team made the decision to completely restructure the way they were working and implement one single solution that would comply with ITIL guidelines, with a special focus on transparency and security. 

InvGate emerged as the integrated solution for service desk and asset management they were looking for. By introducing InvGate ITIL-verified tools, Smartmatic was able to re-configure its way of working by introducing best practices. The implementation of InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Insight together allowed it to centralize everything on a single platform and thus, optimize processes and gain access to key indicators.

"InvGate's Service Desk is the tool that not only fulfilled a long list of requirements but also has the best price-performance ratio and is easy to set up. Its functionalities have significantly improved the IT service management in our organization."

Anngy Dordelly
IT Support Manager

CMDB and asset management

Asset and inventory management is the basis for any successful operations. In Smartmatic's case, the company was facing the need to consolidate its large volumes of data from its existing systems.

One of Smartmatic’s priorities was to build an ITIL-compliant configuration management database (CMDB) to centralize its inventory and asset information. It implemented up to 14 CMDB diagrams that integrated both tools, Service Desk and Insight.

Process optimization and ITIL best practices

One of the main aspects of the implementation was the definition of a clear service level structure. This way, the team implemented assignment routes to organize and redirect each request, reducing incident resolution times.

Moreover, Smartmatic defined an impact and urgency matrix according to its specific requirements. This practice, part of the ITIL framework, implies that each ticket is assigned a priority score that defines both the order in which they are processed and their SLAs for first response and resolution.

For Smartmatic, the implementation of the impact and urgency matrix made it possible to obtain precise performance indicators for the support teams and to apply process improvements.

To learn more about how the implementation of InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Insight helped Smartmatic, download the case study.

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