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An Introduction to Configuration Management

Change is an inevitable part of life. Sometimes, all we can hope to do is manage our place within its cryptic and ceaseless processes. This is especially true in IT. 

List of Potential Incident Management Issues

Incident management is the process followed by the area of IT service...

How to Manage Change and Safeguard Against Human Error

“To err is human.” The possibility of human error is everywhere. However...

A Deep Dive Into the Emergency Change Control Process

Change management is an essential part of IT service management (ITSM),...

NJ Robinson on How to Manage the Three Types of Employees

What makes for a good leader? In the world of IT, there are several...

How Managers Can Speed Up Governance

For many managers, there are two questions on permanent loop within their...

What to Look For in Configuration and Change Management Tools?

In an industry already loaded with jargon, it's easy to feel overwhelmed....

What Are the ITIL Change Categories?

ITIL is widely considered the gold standard when it comes to IT Service...

InvGate Workflows: Plan Tasks in One Step, Execute in Another

A new feature in InvGate Service Desk has been added to the workflow...

6 Tips on How to Run Your CAB Like A Boss

The change advisory board (CAB) can be one of the most important and...

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