How McDonald's Consolidated All its Service Desks on a Single Platform

InvGate September 29, 2021
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Arcos Dorados Holdings Inc. is a company that owns the McDonald's restaurant chain franchise in 19 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean. With more than 100,000 employees and 2,255 restaurants, it is the largest franchise in the world in terms of retail and locations.

In 2015, Nancy Esersky (Manager of End-User Services) shortlisted InvGate in the selection process for their service desk management platform. The company used 5 separate Help Desk providers serving different divisions, and they needed to be able to interact with them through the different platforms they used.

This meant that knowledge was not shared between the different divisions. They relied on vendors to make changes to the systems, and the resolution experience was not optimal.

After deciding to consolidate all their help desk into a single ITSM tool and a thorough selection process, Arcos Dorados selected InvGate Service Desk as its service desk platform based on cost-benefit ratio and ease of management without the need for specialized resources. They also selected InvGate Assets as their IT asset management solution.

The implementation was a success. In Nancy's words, "it was easier than we expected and we were able to do it with a person from the team with high knowledge in the service, without the need to hire anyone else.” Thanks to the self-service portal and the automations carried out, they achieved a 20% reduction in the number of requests managed per month.

To date, Arcos Dorados manages more than 14,000 incidents per month, with 250 agents and tracking more than 3,000 assets.


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