What if InvGate didn't have InvGate?

Sabrina Pagnotta April 11, 2018
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It’s said that we should practice what we preach. And, at InvGate, we do.

We develop and sell software products, but not a single day goes by without us relying on that same software for our own daily work. We use it to manage and solve the requests of our customers, as well as monitor our assets. At the same time, our customers use our software to help their customers, through fit-for-purpose tools for assets and IT support management. We provide support to thousands of people in more than 40 countries, and we’re proud of the quality of our service.

In fact, we’ve come to rely on our own software so much that we can’t imagine a day without it... Or can we? Let’s hear the story of some InvGaters who have been at the company for a while now, and try to imagine how life at InvGate would be... without InvGate.

Introducing our worst nightmare

"I think a day in the support team without InvGate Service Desk would be a mess. Imagine three people answering five telephones that ring nonstop...

Customers would be desperately sending emails and calling to ask about their cases. We would have to walk to other offices at all times to talk with other teams, not being able to ask them to collaborate directly on a request.

Also, it wouldn’t be possible to track requests or access metrics. I think it would be like a highway in rush hour: clogging, people coming and going, phones ringing, mailboxes crammed...".

Sofía Abate
Product Support Specialist at InvGate


What would a normal day look like without InvGate?

Basically, chaos.

“I think it would be extremely disorganized. Not knowing if all the incidents and requests that arrived were answered, and with a work overload for having to do so many manual tasks that we can automate in InvGate Service Desk...

We’d not be able to collaborate among teams as we do now. We’d have to write down the requested information somewhere, and we’d surely forget some of the details. Consequently, requests would not move forward and the customer would keep thinking that we’re on it, although we might not be.

How would we know which incidents and requests were solved, when, and by whom? How would we find out if the customer is satisfied?”.

Martín Sbampato
Sales & Business Development Manager at InvGate

Enter the solution...

The reality is that having a tool such as InvGate Service Desk greatly simplifies the everyday work of any kind of team that gives support – whether it’s technical or not, internal or external. It facilitates inter-area contact and requests for help. Even when we want to notify someone of a particular issue sent by a customer, we can do it with a couple of clicks, without sending an email.

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Of course InvGate learned this through its own experience. As the company, its customers, and employees began to grow proportionally and exponentially, more people were needed. And, as more people joined the team, it became more complicated to coordinate them.

“It was 2008 and we were already selling what we’d developed, but we needed to measure time and customer satisfaction, so as to obtain metrics that could help us make decisions or have an easy way to follow a process.

What if we used InvGate ourselves? It was one of those life-changing decisions.

Having applied the tool internally, the requests were channeled to the corresponding people, and processes for frequent issues were developed. The tool itself was guiding us towards the necessary steps to take in order to guarantee customer satisfaction and effort optimization.

We managed to have visibility on the completed and pending work. We began to make decisions based on historical metrics and we automated our business rules and processes in a much more effective and efficient way”.

Pablo Vergne
Product Manager at InvGate

Knowing how to be in our customers’ shoes

So that’s how InvGate knows what its customers want. Early on in our history, we developed the ability to be our own customer, so we learned what to offer and how to meet customer expectations.

The benefits? Organization, shared knowledge, metrics, collaboration, automation, workflows, and all the necessary data gathered at the time the request is first opened. In other words, a better service, and happier customers.

Therefore, we can surely say that InvGate couldn’t have made it without using InvGate itself.

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